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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's play BANZAI!

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game.

Banzai is a one-of-a kind game that can make every group of people--friends, family, classmates, etc, jump off their seats because of so much fun. The Banzai DVD Game is a betting game where people bet plastic on outcome of bizarre Banzai stunts from hit TV Show of the same name.
The game is a test of wit and speed. How is the game played? There must be a group of people to start off the game. The DVD will be played and the bettors will be given time to bet of what will happen next in the video clip. The bettors will race to fill up the betting bowls with plastic sushi using only their chopsticks. After the betting, the next scene will be played and whoever wins the bet gets the sushi. Whoever wins all the sushi wins the game. The game sounds very childish but for me it brings out true enjoyment. It makes you relax, laugh, and really enhances your guessing skill and speed. It really requires great speed to fill up the betting bowl. Personally, I am not good chopstick user but that makes the game more fun. The fun starts with the struggling of using the chopsticks. Moreover, the video clips are really fun to watch. The laughing part is always present. You can't resist to laugh. Banzai is all in all a game for all ages, for all kinds of people, and this game is safe to play because it's done at home or should i say indoor. This game can really make a group go crazy and really really have fun. Try it. You would not regret you cared to play with it.

The game is available for purchase online. Click here. It has even its own Myspace page. Just feel free to visit here.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Ateneo!

Now it is down with the two best teams in this season—The Ateneo Blue Eagles and the de la Salle Green Archers. September 21, 2008, 4:00PM, the first game for the best of three games of the UAAP Season 71 Finals commenced. The blue people left the big dome victorious with the score of 61-69 in favor of the Blue Eagles. Ateneo scored in the game first and made an early 2-4 point lead (at that range). At the end of the first half, Ateneo, made an 11-point lead. However, while in the second quarter, de la Salle got the chance to take the lead of three but the soaring eagles did not wait to take back its lead until the end of the quarter. Hence, the 11-point lead. The Blue Eagles maintained its strong defense and lead until the final quarter making them win the first game. One more for Ateneo and it wins the finals.

I would also want to commend the performance of Hussaaini who scored 31 points. The great shots of Efren Buenafe and Eric Salamat have really made the team win. Its superstar Chris Tiu was not very visible in the duration of the game. He was part of the first five and the last five but was not really there in the middle quarters. But still he gained the crowds cheer with his wonderful shot during the last quarter.

Ateneo is a very strong team. I am proud of it. Although I am not there and not really an Ateneo de Manila student, my cheers and prayers are for the team.

I am an Atenean, a blue knight who cheers for the blue eagles. Animo Ateneo! Get that BALL and WIN!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery

The LASIK technology has been used by the Department of Defense (DOD) of USA and NASA to increase the performance of specialized personnel facing extreme physically demanding conditions which tremendously benefited civilians for more than five years now. According to Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired US Navy Captain and the clinical head for research and study in the DOD regarding the use of the said technology, LASIK has been validated by NASA and DOD to exceed all standards of safety and effectiveness.

As of the moment, the modern LASIK (iLASIK Procedure) is using two lasers compared to the earlier versions of procedures which used only one. The latest procedure has these several stages:

1. The wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual's eyes.
2. Next, a corneal flap is created by an ultrafast, computer-guided laser.
3. After the creation of the flap, the wave-front mapping data guides the second laser for vision correction.

With these advanced technologies, statistics showed that 95% of the 100 personnel gained a 20/20 vision or better and 100% of naval aviators highly recommend the procedure to there fellow aviators.

Dr. Schallhorn encourages people to be one of the over 12 million Americans who benefited from the LASIK technology.

This modern procedure really provides an excellent safety and visual results. It is fast, safe and the patient will not feel anything at all. It is certified virtually painless. Most of all, everybody can almost afford it. No joke at all. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are no longer IN. Having a 20/20 vision or better is what everybody needs. iLASIK Procedure has it. Go get it now.


Obedience and Letting Go

I'm proud to say that for two consecutive nights I was to attend to two different christian communities. At the first night, my friends and I joined for the first time the Bible study of CCF (Christ's Community Fellowship). We were invited by Kaikai. The message shared was so striking. It was about OBEDIENCE. Obedience to our parents, according to the Bible, is a responsibility. Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for it is right. Well, indeed obedience is right. The pastor even told stories about how obedience made a life of several persons better and the negative effect of doing otherwise. I was enlightened by how important obedience is. It is really something that would benefit us. He said lastly that obedience brings rewards.

This night, Kring and I, went to VCF ( Victory Christian Fellowship). This was the launching of the new Youth Night. We were late because of some project matters. We were not able to catch up with the praise and worship part but we heard the sharing of the WORD. The topic was about LETTING GO OF THE PAST . We should not dwell on the past. If we focus on our past we will forward slowly to the brighter future that awaits us. Also, letting go is very helpful because it is like removing all the baggage we're carrying our lives. These emotional baggage would also hinder us from moving forward. Past is gone, a new one has come. We can never be prisoners of the past. It is good to recall the good memories. But sometimes we should not be just contented of what had happened in the past because there's too much to enjoy. There are a lot of things to expect. There's more to come. Past maybe beautiful, but the present and future can be better.

I am just sharing all of these because I am happy. I want to inspire people to be obedient to there parents and especially to God and to let go of the past. God Bless.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MyLot paid me!

I got my $10 payout in I was so happy that time because at first, I was so doubtful if the site would really give what it promised. Indeed, I saw an increase of $10 in my paypal account. really pays. You can try it for yourself.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BatangYagit: Great Blog deserves Great Award

I am voting for BatangYagit. I simply believe on the quality of the blog. I know the blogger personally and I must say he is a ONE GREAT GUY! But voting him is not because of some bias reasons; his site is really AWESOME--from the layout and design to the sincerity of the contents. To those Filipino bloggers out there with a 3month-old blog and has a minimum of 10posts in it, you are very much qualified to vote for the site. You can visit the site of BatangYagit. I encourage you to vote for the site. Thank you. :)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I am a Unique Song.

My bones, my DNA, the whole of me make a unique song. I heard from 1am, a christian band from Malaysia, that every DNA of men makes music. I was really amazed. A member told us that DNA of same species of animals have the same sound, however, every man has his own unique sound from his DNA. Such a revelation to me! I was never regretful that I chose to be on that christian concert than stay at home to watch the PDA Grand Performance Night. With me was Kring and we walked from school to the Victory Christian Fellowship(VCF) center. There, we met new and old faces. I realized that I missed the church people especially those who I consider as inspirations like Kuya Tom, Ate Sai and the Talents InC members. That night was a night of revival. My spiritual cup was almost empty until the end of the concert. It was a rejuvenation. Praise God for everything. I love the praise and worship songs. I love the people there. Most of all, I love God. The concert made me realize that I am a song. A song that I must sing and resonate to the world. We can change the world through our songs of praises. If we just sing in unison, God will surely grant our pleads.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want it back.

You viewed me. It was very unexpected. I was thrilled. But it was painful. I want to resist you but fate seems to enjoy playing with my heart. I don't want to go back to zero. I am moving on. I am almost there. But you came back. Then, get away again. I just want some good friendship. I hate myself for asking for more. I want you to be away for a while. I want my heart back. Give me time. Enough time to move on fully and be just your friend.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Have I been good lately?

During these times when projects are too many and heavy to handle, a simple person like me can no longer inspect himself. I used to do this almost every day. But lately, time is not with me. I am too busy for preparation of documents, reports, presentation and defense. Even now, I am still doing those stuff. These seem endless, although, I know these will end soon. A minute earlier while in the CR, I reflected. I reminisced what I did for the past few days. My idea was just to recall my stressful nights and the accomplished works but it turned out that a question popped into my mind. Have I been GOOD lately? I was stricken by the question. I reflected again and until now, I can't really fully answer it yet. All I know is that I was too busy completing my projects and I am not sure if I cared to be good during those pressing times. I can remember that I was laughing, I was mandating, I was irritated, I said sorry, I cried because of the pressure, I isolated myself to compose it again. There were so many things I did but I am not sure If I did good. I want to be good and I hope I have been.

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