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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advices and Options

Personally, I want people to let me decide for myself, means, I don't seek for the "advice" but let them make me realize on things through helping me weigh on things. A friend told me that when they do counseling, they don't necessarily provide advices to the person. He said, an advice is like commanding the person to do that because that is the right thing to do. So instead, they give options. They provide scenes of consequences if you do that, if you don't do that and that sort. I think that way is more helpful because you have no one to blame if your decision fails and you have yourself to congratulate if you made it right. I really believe on Socrates as he said that true insight comes from within. So, I suggest, you make decisions on your own but seek help on how to do these things. I do that. I consider the ideas of others but I made the final decision. And as an adviser, I don't tell my friends to do things because that make things better but instead I tell them what can be the possibilities and just let them realize on their own.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Advent of the Break

Wheeew! Just last Thursday, the school works ended. Yey! We were so happy that we wanted to celebrate the beginning of our semestral break. Cly, darl, eaque. jeff and I went to SM to have some pizza treat. It took time for us to decide where to eat; it was either yellow cub or greenwich. We chose greenwich because the store was cheaper. The ordering took some time too because we were so not used to choose what pizza to partake. We ended up eating a sari-sari party square plus the overloaded pizza, that one with shawarma. We have some chitchats while eating. Btw, i think i have the most pizza eaten. LOL. We did a window shopping. Still, on computers. LOL. We looked for external hard disks, mobile phones, and some techy stuff. Then, we enjoyed the amusement in their arcade. At first, we planned to take the videoke but ended up playing with race cars. I was bad with that game. I can't seem to win. LOL. After everbody played with that virtual race, we tried to make it real. We went to the bump car station. LOL. Yes, we played with bump cars. My first try was a disaster. The car was not moving; it did not move at all until the time ended. I was pissed. I asked for another round but I have no one to play with. Thankfully, the assigned guy was kind and let the three of us play again while the two bought another tickets. I really enjoyed the ride, the bumping, the little pain and the laughs. I think the audience enjoyed watching us. LOL. We tried other games too like gun shooting and motor racing. We strolled for a while and decided to take the last full show. Darl had to go home early so we accompanied here out then went to the super market to buy cly's stuff and our snacks for the movie. We watched Mag-ingat ka sa Kulam of Judy Ann Santos. My companions, I think, were scared really. I enjoyed seeing them jumping off their seats and scream a little. LOL Ero Ero Azero. I love those lines. I like the story. I love the experience. I am happy that I decided to join them.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Google Chrome: New Web Browser

After being the best search engine, Google decided to be not just a search engine inside different browsers. So, it decided to make an open source browser of its own. They call it Google Chrome. Like the Google homepage, the browser is clean and simple but has the foundation of a browser than runs today's complex applications. Chrome is far from done however Google has released this beta for windows and hoping that users would help them make the browser better through comments and reports.

Download Google Chrome here.

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Thursday, October 9, 2008 A Scam?

While surfing the net and blog hopping, I saw this controversial post from a fellow blogger. What interest me was the post was about and challenging its fidelity to the people who are so loyal clicking ads for some $0.01 per click. I am one of them. The article opened my mind not to continue wasting my time clicking their ads and supporting the site. The arguments presented were for me very true. I also asked for payout but until now I have never received any. I think I better stop and opt to sites that would do what they promise. The full article is found here. I am not really saying that is a scam because I also heard some people being paid but I don't also to be part of the many who are left unpaid.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am now in BlogCatalog.

All this time I thought I was part of the BlogCatalog. I visited yesterday on the site and saw that my blog's status is REJECTED. So that was the reason my face won't register whenever I visit a site with a Blogcatalog widget in it. So I tried to add my blog again wishing that this time it would be approved. And alas, it happened. In just a day, The Soliloquist became a part of the BC family. I like the site. There are so many people with so many things to say about anything and everything. I like that there are discussions. I hope the site would really help me build traffic to my site. Also, gain friends.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Alone

I AM HOME ALONE! I am supposed to be there with my family in my uncle's private resort but I refused because of this Project Management work. So by the time I decided to really wake up this morning, I was left at home alone. I really feel alone. This night, I ate my dinner alone. I decided to watch some random movie to entertain myself but I found no interesting film. I was about to take a ride when a friend asked me to bring him the MAC OSX Installer. So I went there and walked. I was alone walking in that dim-lit streets. My friend told me that I should be cautious. We talked for a while and I left. I was alone again. While heading I was thinking of writing this entry and be more informative. I thought of searching the effects of being home alone or what. But, I realized I should stick to my own feelings and experiences that base this post to any others' reflections. So i dumped that idea as I threw that leftover I saw in the dining table. I planned to get our dog inside but again I did not do it. I realized that he may be used to it and I can't afford him to be just licking my whole body while I am working with this project we have. By the way. before I reached home, I passed by a wake of a neighbor. There were lots who visit his wake. From that place to our home is about 98 steps, my steps. Well, steps could vary. The place is so dark. I feel all alone again. I opened the door and saw no one (obviously). I opened the lights, the TV, the computer, the laptop, the air conditioner, many more. I am really looking for some company. I thought of going out but then realized that that is not me. I am a home buddy. So now, I am putting this loneliness to words. Solitude really makes me reflect. I can use my being a soliloquist right this very moment. I only have myself. I am home alone. I can't wait to have them back home.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Free People Finder

Have been not in contact with friends for so long ago? Leaving you with no recent contacts with them and want to look for them? Or perhaps you lost a friend's contact number and forgot his/her residence address? The search for a friend or a relative or your long lost father is made easy by a free people finder. All you need to know is his/her last name (required) but most preferably his/her complete name, city and state. Once this information are submitted, the system would try to provide you the person's contact number and address. This site also offers a service that would identify a mysterious caller's name and address by just providing his/her phone number. That really makes the search easier, doesn't it? This People Finder site is really offered for FREE unlike other sites which require you payment. However, for the mean time, the site caters only its services to the residents of Canada and United States. So, if you are a resident of those area, you can try their service and see for yourself how effective it is. Enjoy searching @ AND REUNITE WITH THEM.


Php and Flex

I am learning Php and Flex now as part of our course this year. Learning them is really not easy but it is fun. Learning is fun really. We are making now a Room and Laboratory Reservation Monitoring System using the said platform and scripting language. I can't really say we are great at these because this will be the first time we are using these to develop a system. I am looking forward to knowing these more.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let's play BANZAI!

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game.

Banzai is a one-of-a kind game that can make every group of people--friends, family, classmates, etc, jump off their seats because of so much fun. The Banzai DVD Game is a betting game where people bet plastic on outcome of bizarre Banzai stunts from hit TV Show of the same name.
The game is a test of wit and speed. How is the game played? There must be a group of people to start off the game. The DVD will be played and the bettors will be given time to bet of what will happen next in the video clip. The bettors will race to fill up the betting bowls with plastic sushi using only their chopsticks. After the betting, the next scene will be played and whoever wins the bet gets the sushi. Whoever wins all the sushi wins the game. The game sounds very childish but for me it brings out true enjoyment. It makes you relax, laugh, and really enhances your guessing skill and speed. It really requires great speed to fill up the betting bowl. Personally, I am not good chopstick user but that makes the game more fun. The fun starts with the struggling of using the chopsticks. Moreover, the video clips are really fun to watch. The laughing part is always present. You can't resist to laugh. Banzai is all in all a game for all ages, for all kinds of people, and this game is safe to play because it's done at home or should i say indoor. This game can really make a group go crazy and really really have fun. Try it. You would not regret you cared to play with it.

The game is available for purchase online. Click here. It has even its own Myspace page. Just feel free to visit here.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Go Ateneo!

Now it is down with the two best teams in this season—The Ateneo Blue Eagles and the de la Salle Green Archers. September 21, 2008, 4:00PM, the first game for the best of three games of the UAAP Season 71 Finals commenced. The blue people left the big dome victorious with the score of 61-69 in favor of the Blue Eagles. Ateneo scored in the game first and made an early 2-4 point lead (at that range). At the end of the first half, Ateneo, made an 11-point lead. However, while in the second quarter, de la Salle got the chance to take the lead of three but the soaring eagles did not wait to take back its lead until the end of the quarter. Hence, the 11-point lead. The Blue Eagles maintained its strong defense and lead until the final quarter making them win the first game. One more for Ateneo and it wins the finals.

I would also want to commend the performance of Hussaaini who scored 31 points. The great shots of Efren Buenafe and Eric Salamat have really made the team win. Its superstar Chris Tiu was not very visible in the duration of the game. He was part of the first five and the last five but was not really there in the middle quarters. But still he gained the crowds cheer with his wonderful shot during the last quarter.

Ateneo is a very strong team. I am proud of it. Although I am not there and not really an Ateneo de Manila student, my cheers and prayers are for the team.

I am an Atenean, a blue knight who cheers for the blue eagles. Animo Ateneo! Get that BALL and WIN!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

LASIK & Laser Eye Surgery

The LASIK technology has been used by the Department of Defense (DOD) of USA and NASA to increase the performance of specialized personnel facing extreme physically demanding conditions which tremendously benefited civilians for more than five years now. According to Steven Schallhorn, M.D., a retired US Navy Captain and the clinical head for research and study in the DOD regarding the use of the said technology, LASIK has been validated by NASA and DOD to exceed all standards of safety and effectiveness.

As of the moment, the modern LASIK (iLASIK Procedure) is using two lasers compared to the earlier versions of procedures which used only one. The latest procedure has these several stages:

1. The wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual's eyes.
2. Next, a corneal flap is created by an ultrafast, computer-guided laser.
3. After the creation of the flap, the wave-front mapping data guides the second laser for vision correction.

With these advanced technologies, statistics showed that 95% of the 100 personnel gained a 20/20 vision or better and 100% of naval aviators highly recommend the procedure to there fellow aviators.

Dr. Schallhorn encourages people to be one of the over 12 million Americans who benefited from the LASIK technology.

This modern procedure really provides an excellent safety and visual results. It is fast, safe and the patient will not feel anything at all. It is certified virtually painless. Most of all, everybody can almost afford it. No joke at all. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are no longer IN. Having a 20/20 vision or better is what everybody needs. iLASIK Procedure has it. Go get it now.


Obedience and Letting Go

I'm proud to say that for two consecutive nights I was to attend to two different christian communities. At the first night, my friends and I joined for the first time the Bible study of CCF (Christ's Community Fellowship). We were invited by Kaikai. The message shared was so striking. It was about OBEDIENCE. Obedience to our parents, according to the Bible, is a responsibility. Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for it is right. Well, indeed obedience is right. The pastor even told stories about how obedience made a life of several persons better and the negative effect of doing otherwise. I was enlightened by how important obedience is. It is really something that would benefit us. He said lastly that obedience brings rewards.

This night, Kring and I, went to VCF ( Victory Christian Fellowship). This was the launching of the new Youth Night. We were late because of some project matters. We were not able to catch up with the praise and worship part but we heard the sharing of the WORD. The topic was about LETTING GO OF THE PAST . We should not dwell on the past. If we focus on our past we will forward slowly to the brighter future that awaits us. Also, letting go is very helpful because it is like removing all the baggage we're carrying our lives. These emotional baggage would also hinder us from moving forward. Past is gone, a new one has come. We can never be prisoners of the past. It is good to recall the good memories. But sometimes we should not be just contented of what had happened in the past because there's too much to enjoy. There are a lot of things to expect. There's more to come. Past maybe beautiful, but the present and future can be better.

I am just sharing all of these because I am happy. I want to inspire people to be obedient to there parents and especially to God and to let go of the past. God Bless.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MyLot paid me!

I got my $10 payout in I was so happy that time because at first, I was so doubtful if the site would really give what it promised. Indeed, I saw an increase of $10 in my paypal account. really pays. You can try it for yourself.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BatangYagit: Great Blog deserves Great Award

I am voting for BatangYagit. I simply believe on the quality of the blog. I know the blogger personally and I must say he is a ONE GREAT GUY! But voting him is not because of some bias reasons; his site is really AWESOME--from the layout and design to the sincerity of the contents. To those Filipino bloggers out there with a 3month-old blog and has a minimum of 10posts in it, you are very much qualified to vote for the site. You can visit the site of BatangYagit. I encourage you to vote for the site. Thank you. :)

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I am a Unique Song.

My bones, my DNA, the whole of me make a unique song. I heard from 1am, a christian band from Malaysia, that every DNA of men makes music. I was really amazed. A member told us that DNA of same species of animals have the same sound, however, every man has his own unique sound from his DNA. Such a revelation to me! I was never regretful that I chose to be on that christian concert than stay at home to watch the PDA Grand Performance Night. With me was Kring and we walked from school to the Victory Christian Fellowship(VCF) center. There, we met new and old faces. I realized that I missed the church people especially those who I consider as inspirations like Kuya Tom, Ate Sai and the Talents InC members. That night was a night of revival. My spiritual cup was almost empty until the end of the concert. It was a rejuvenation. Praise God for everything. I love the praise and worship songs. I love the people there. Most of all, I love God. The concert made me realize that I am a song. A song that I must sing and resonate to the world. We can change the world through our songs of praises. If we just sing in unison, God will surely grant our pleads.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want it back.

You viewed me. It was very unexpected. I was thrilled. But it was painful. I want to resist you but fate seems to enjoy playing with my heart. I don't want to go back to zero. I am moving on. I am almost there. But you came back. Then, get away again. I just want some good friendship. I hate myself for asking for more. I want you to be away for a while. I want my heart back. Give me time. Enough time to move on fully and be just your friend.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Have I been good lately?

During these times when projects are too many and heavy to handle, a simple person like me can no longer inspect himself. I used to do this almost every day. But lately, time is not with me. I am too busy for preparation of documents, reports, presentation and defense. Even now, I am still doing those stuff. These seem endless, although, I know these will end soon. A minute earlier while in the CR, I reflected. I reminisced what I did for the past few days. My idea was just to recall my stressful nights and the accomplished works but it turned out that a question popped into my mind. Have I been GOOD lately? I was stricken by the question. I reflected again and until now, I can't really fully answer it yet. All I know is that I was too busy completing my projects and I am not sure if I cared to be good during those pressing times. I can remember that I was laughing, I was mandating, I was irritated, I said sorry, I cried because of the pressure, I isolated myself to compose it again. There were so many things I did but I am not sure If I did good. I want to be good and I hope I have been.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Suicide is a SELFISH Act

Suicide is a selfish act. No reason is valid enough to justify such action. Just this morning, my grandma told us that a lady neighbor died, actually killed herself. It was told that she took in a silver cleaner solution. She was in comatose for several minutes in the hospital but later died. It was an awful news. We were happily eating that time. After hearing it, I lost my appetite.

Suicide is a decision. It is a personal choice. A part of me is telling me that our neighbor chose to take away her life and that we can't do anything about it. It was her decision to die. Reviving her would mean violating her right to self-decision. Then, I asked myself, why should they try to save her if at the first place, she's the one who wanted to cease her own life? But at a second thought, I realized that we are also responsible of others. It is also our duty to protect others' life. She may have decided to quit her existence but it doesn't mean that we have to tolerate it and just let it happen.

I am not happy on what happened to her. I was teary when I heard the news. She actually always come to our house. I can still remember everyday she's talking to my mama. My mama is sad. I can really see it in her eyes. She lost a friend. I don't know if I will have a final look in her wake. I just want to remember her as someone who is happy and bubbly. I can't really imagine she did it. She did it because of jealousy. That disappoints me more.

She's gone now. She committed suicide. She was not thinking about what others may feel if she do it. But she still did. It was selfish. She only considered herself.

May she rest in peace.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Ateneo College Fiesta

Victory doesn't mean winning everything. We got enough. The CS Division worked hard to deserve what it reaped.

Ateneo College Fiesta is held annually. A bit more different now because the university celebrates its 60th founding year. Its theme is: Mother Mary, Our Model of Following Christ through Excellence and Service. Mother Mary is our patroness. The event is grand and so are the preparations of every division and the administration. As part of the GACP Executive Board and the working people of the division plus being an event player, made me really feel the pressure, stress and almost everything. It's ok. Everything went well.

The Division that once labeled as apathetic is now soaring high. I can say that. I am part of it. I saw the difference and evolution of the Computer Studies Division. It started during the orientation day then the Sports Fest and continued in the College Fiesta. The First Years are active: they almost fill the list of the cheerdancers. The Second Years are awesome and proved that they are part of the division: they designed the float, some led the cheerdance and really showed great participation. The Third Years, as consistent as ever, stayed active and really was leading the division. Of course, the CS Rep, Kring, is a third year student. Lastly, the Seniors are participating as well. They showed leadership. They really can lead and be friends with the lower years.

I am really grateful that the division has received several awards, although not so many compared to the bigger divisions, but a pride that we will always cherish. We won in several events: Table Tennis Male Singles- Gold, Table Tennis Male Doubles- Silver, Chess Female - Bronze, Chess Male-Gold, Jazz-Up Ur Jeans- Silver, Scrabble Female- Bronze, Scrabble Male- Gold, Picture Perfect - Silver, and Cheerdance - 3rd Runner-Up ( I may have forgotten to write all the awards we received). The awards are not really the sole things that make me truly happy but it is the unity and friendship that is established among CS students.

May the friendship founded last and that the Computer Studies Division continues to soar high like a ThunderBird. :)

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Drive Real Traffic to Your Site

as I understand this term, means visitors to your site. So when you say drive traffic, it simply means you drive visitors to your site. Why is this important? For me, it is important because we want our posts to be read. We don't intent our site to be hidden from the reader. At the first place, we write blog posts because we want them to be broadcast to all. Another thing, if you use your site to generate income like through sponsored posts, having good number of visitors would make you have an edge to get some opportunities to the advertisers. The logic is, advertisers want to promote their products/services, so the more visitors you drive daily, the more the products/services are exposed and more likely to be purchased. Thus, advertisers would choose you to blog for them. Not only traffic would be of help in making money. It is also useful to get a page rank from Google. So why Google? Google now is the leading search engine. If you get a page rank, it means you are more visible to the search engine. I think it boosts the morale of every blogger. Having a page rank is tantamount of labeling you as a blogger with rightful authority. And most of all, driving more visitors means more chances of knowing other people and gaining friends. You can try these sites to drive traffic to your blog.

1. LinkReferral
2. EasyHits4U
3. TrafficSwarm
4. TrafficBurst
5. TrafficEra
6. TrafficPods
7. TrafficG

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

So What's this Blog All About?

The Soliloquist is a blog that started last April 2008. It just celebrated its third month this July of the same year. As the blog was starting, its first goal was to be an avenue of sentiments, grievances, rantings, experiences either sad or happy, realizations, events, and the like. Suddenly, a subject course required us to develop a blog. Given permission to use an old blog, I integrated my personal blog with the posts assigned by our instructor. Then it made my personal blog partly techy. It did not stop there. I tried to tweak the site and make it more personal. So I come up with this design. It may not be appealing to the elderly as long as it makes me satisfy and others too, it's alright for me. The Soliloquist gains traffic by blog hopping, signing up to traffic driving sites and from visits of my blogger friends. Opportunities came and The Soliloqust grabbed them. Payperpost, SocialSpark, SponsoredReviews are only of the sites that help The Soliloquist earn. As of now, the blog earns more or less $30 from the sites mentioned above. The Soliloquist aims now to get a google pagerank. I hope it will have soon.
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To tell a True Love Story

If I am fated to just listen about love matters, then so be it. It is a sad reality that my friends are talking about crushes, suitors, boy-girl relationships, and I am just there to listen. That's true. I really have no great love story to tell. I am always the listener and not the teller of a good love story. It is not really OK to me. I also want someone to love me. But I am not really longing for a romantic love. I just want a filial love. Just someone to be with me for the rest of my days on earth. I also want that someday I can tell a wonderful story that can inspire people. To change the face of love. To let people realize that love is not all about hugging, kissing, sex but it is more of keeping each other and being together whatever happens. This is how I see true love and I want to experience this love. This may still be an imperfect human love but who am I to look for perfection? Only God can give that. No human does. I still believe that we mold our destiny; that we have choices. I am starting to hold on to the dream that someday I will be with someone. If it takes me to fight destiny, I'll do so. That dream, I know, is worth fighting for. It is not selfish to long for love. It is never a crime. But it will always have limits. I want true love and I want it for good.

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Blog Review of the Day: ComputeRx Clinic

Have any concerns or questions on computer matters? Well I guess this blog would be very useful for you. ComputerRx Clinic is a blog that deals with computer maintenance, computer repair, computer information, computer tips, computer programming, html, java, perl, php and the like. These features make the site very handy to those who are in need of computer maintenance, computer repair, computer information, computer tips, computer programming, html, java, perl, php and the life. These features make the site very handy for those who are in search for senior computing and computer support and assistance. So you need no more to search hard on the web for helpful computer information.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Paid to Click:

As a blogger with no PR yet, which makes my blog not very search-able and not very attractive to advertisers, I opt to paid-to-click sites that discriminate no one--either you have a PR or none. My first site was and it really is a great site. You may try it for yourself. As someone who does not cease to look for some other opportunities, I found a good paying paid-to-click site, Like any other paid-to-click sites, it gives you $0.01 per click, you just have to wait for 30 seconds. You can refer your friends too. In every click of your referral, you earn $0.01 too. The best thing about this is that it gives you a sign up bonus of $0.05. The minimum payout is $10 through AlertPay. Sign up now.

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Download of the Week: PC Washer 2.0.1

"Clean & Speed Up your PC by quickly and easily clearing all the garbage files and useless registry entries."

PC Washer can find and remove almost all kind of garbage files in your hard disk, it supports to remove temporary internet files, application temp files, unneeded log or backup files, 0 KB files, index.dat files and more. PC Washer is also a convenient registry cleaner, it can scan the Windows registry and find incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. It will help you clean your hard disk and registry and make the system running smoothly.

PC Washer Main Features:

  • ndustry-leading clean ability, it supports to remove almost all kinds of garbage files.
  • 100% Safe and Secure, the cleaning will not cause any system problems.
  • Improve system performance, make your pc running faster and smoother.
  • Protect your privacy , erase internet traces and the history of your activities.
  • Clean degree, automatically detect and report the clean degree of your computer.
  • Easier to use than ever, one-click solution for PC cleaning, user friendly, stable and safe.

Download it here.
Passcode: mapster@cw
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CISCO Certification: Best for IT Specialists

I am an IT student in a good university in the Philippines. Being in third year now, I am taking up a Computer Networks course which is basing on CISCO standards. At first, I was puzzled what really CISCO is all about until our class instructor told us so. He said that Cisco certification can be of big help to us especially as we compete outside for job opportunities. The certification can give us an edge to other applicants and that make CISCO more appealing to every student in the class. Right now, we are using a CISCO module which is a very detailed module about networking. We use the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Module. It may be very long and intricate; however, it is very handy and reader-friendly. I can easily learn from their modules.

CISCO has three levels of certification: Associate, Professional and Expert with six various tracks like Routing and Switching, Network Security, Service Provider, Design, Storage Networking and Voice. These are available paths so as to match the certification path to the person’s job role or industry. Another thing, one can get a specialist certification in the technologies such as security, IP Telephony, and wireless.

Furthermore, I see some great stories from CISCO certified IT specialists on the internet and to other people whom I have known before. Personally, I would really choose to have a Cisco certification not only because it gives me an edge to anybody else but also because it gives me more work opportunity and credibility as to the employers. I know someday even as a starter to any work, with the help of a CISCO certification I can be regarded by the companies as someone who is skilled and worthy of their pay. If I reach the right age and the right time, I surely will take a Cisco Career Certification.

Sponsored by Cisco


Monday, July 21, 2008

Successful Sports Fest!

Tiring but worth it. The CS Sports Fest was a big success. It was held yesterday, July 20, 2008 @ the Ateneo Jacinto Campus. Many came even the weather was not sunny. It did rain. It delayed the game outside the covered court. But with the help of the sun dance, thanks to Sarah for the idea, the sun came out and dried up all the rain. :) The games continued. Everybody I guess enjoyed. The sports played were basketball (boys & girls), volleyball (boys & girls), table tennis (singles and doubles), darts, scrabble, chess, extemporaneous talk, sing and dance contest. It was a fun-filled day. Although we extended from the planned time of exit, and that Kring has to call Sir Rikki to back her up with the guards, the program ended well. The organizers and players were all tired for sure but I know they enjoyed the day. Congratulations to our CS Rep who made these things possible and to all who helped. To treat ourselves from exhaustion, we went to Mandarin to eat and have some bonding moments (Kring, Kim, Kai, Jenny, James, Jeff, Yang2, Eaque and I).

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Download of the Week: Kaspersky 2009

As an IT student, I have been familiar with many kinds of antivirus software. I have used the worst and the best. And so far, I think Kaspersky got the best antivirus in the world.

Kaspersky Lab has proven expertise in protecting against viruses, Internet worms, email worms, Trojans and other malicious programs.

  • Rapid response to the newest threats
  • Highest virus and spyware detection rates
  • Accurate and thorough antivirus scanning
  • Easy installation and configuration

Kaspersky Anti-Virus combines traditional antivirus defense methods with the latest proactive technologies to provide solid and dependable protection against malicious programs. This award-winning antivirus software includes protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and keyloggers and features our automated hourly updates.

Download here the application and working keys.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Rejection

The other day, my groupmates went to our target company. With them was a letter telling the owner of the purpose of the project we were proposing. I was not able to come with them because of the essay writing I had to attend. After the deliberation, my members told me that the project was rejected. The owner told them that the company has already a programmer/hacker who is developing a new online reservation system. I think she was comparing us to the hacker/programmer and concluded that we are inferior compared to him. It's ok for us. We will look for some other interested companies.


For Mommy Bloggers

Mommies are providers, caregivers, supporters and almost everything. There are working moms, stay-in moms, single moms and there are also moms who do away with what is conventional. It is not new to us that there are moms who just stay home to feed her children, do the laundry, clean the dishes, cook for the meal, bathe their children, dress them, send them to school and other activities at home. But mommies are not just like that. They are not bound to be just that for the rest of their lives. They can be more than that. Being a mother is a noble profession but it doesn't mean that she can't take another role or do something more, something new or something remarkable. Or perhaps do something to earn an extra income to use for her own necessities. SocialSpark addresses the needs of the mothers for self-expression, socialization and even income generation. Blogging is a new trend and mommies are no exception to try this. While at home, after their day-long house work, mothers can turn on the PC, connect it to the internet, log-in to SocialSpark and reserve opportunities. Yes! SocialSpark loves mommies! The site wants them to have an earning of their own. SocialSpark believes that mommies are great bloggers; that they can share wonderful insights to the world. Thus, SocialSpark supports and encourages every mother to sign up in the site and receive the benefits they deserve, Mommies are great people and they deserve great rewards. So SocialSpark is here to answer that. Mommy bloggers out there, try SocialSpark and earn now. Good luck!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Leviathan Chronicles: The New Hit in Town!

What would you do if you discovered that immortality is not just a fantasy?

Leviathan Chronicles is an episodic audio sci-fi saga that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the adventures of a young immortal who is caught in the middle of a secret war and must discover why her race is suddenly dying off.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

MyLot gives u LOT!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Looking Nerd? Not Anymore!

When I reached 14 years old, I had my eye doctor advising me to wear eyeglasses. It was not a good thing for me because surely I would look nerd with glasses on. Until now, I have been looking for frames that would make me look fab. So here's Zenni Optical.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A PR4 Blog

I guess every blogger wants to have a google page rank. I really want to. As I saw this blog site, I was inspired to do more. oBloga is a site that has page rank of 4. It reviews blogs, posts anything related to the site, has a gallery of its own and offers downloads. No doubt it has a high rank in google. My congratulations to the blogger.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Something Useful

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Manic on the Job

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Poem of the Week: Life is...

by Mother Theresa

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.
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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreams do come TRUE!

A year ago I was really dreaming to be the student with the highest WPA.
I even wrote a note in my closet, and it is still posted there. The note says "Highest WPA". Every morning I read it and it motivates me to do good and reach that big dream. After the first semester, I received my grades and found out that I was qualified in the first honors list. That time I was excited because I thought I got the highest WPA. However, when I asked my friend Mike what was his WPA, I knew that I can't be what I dream anymore. He has a WPA higher than mine. After that, I did not long for the position anymore. Although I dream to have it still but craving no more. Just this day, I realized more that God is faithful and answers prayers. I realized MORE that HIS ways are different from my ways. During the CS Orientation Day, surprisingly, I was called infront to receive an award from ARETE (Ateneans Reaching Towards Excellence). And guess what, I was awarded as the student with the HIGHEST WPA for the 1st and 2nd semester in the Computer Studies divison. I was shocked but happy. I realized that my prayer, my dream was faithfully answered by God. I am very happy. God failed me not. And I know he never will. Prayers are very powerful. They may not come instantly. Theymay not seem to be what we think. But they happen. They DO COME TRUE!

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CS Orientation Day: A BIG SUCCESS

June 27 -- The CS Orientation Day has just been concluded. I am very happy that all our efforts have paid off. I really thank God for the big success of the event. Many came--CS and some non-CS students, faculty members and staff and the invited guests. The event was really intended for the first year students for them to be acquainted with the division, teachers, higher year students, and the faculty. But of course, the orientation was not solely for talks and information but also for entertainment and fun. The set up and design of the place was really fantastic. I can say we really did a good job. We had lights, CDs, backdrops, and created a disco ambiance (though it really didn't look like a disco house but we tried and made a CS-disco house version :) ) . I was satisfied of the stage design. Thanks to Sir Rikki for letting us borrow the stage lights. It did help to make the event fantastic. The music was OK. The hosts were great. And the performers were awesome. But most of all, the students were very active. The CS Orientation Day is a BIG SUCCESS. Kudos to the officers and volunteers and especially to our dear CS Representative, Kristine Reyes. :)

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Death Scenes

Yesterday night I saw a death scene in a TV program. As usual I was moved to tears. But because of having a class now in Philosophy, I asked myself why I cry when I see death scenes. There were several answers that popped into my mind. Not being defensive or anything, but I think I cried for reasons that are totally acceptable and not just because I am a cry-baby. I realized that I cried because I pity the person (not the dead). For me, there is no more painful event that could ever happen than a death of a loved one. And that leads me to my next point. I cry because I am so afraid that I would be on a death scene someday. Inevitable it is, but if it I can lengthen the life of a loved one, I would surely do it. Or better die first than see them lying peacefully in a coffin. I don't hate death, and not even trying to escape from it. I just want a longer life for my family, friends and loved ones. I don't want to experience death of a loved one at this young age. I want to spend a longer time with them and do things that I could treasure forever even after death. Funny it may sound but I close my eyes whenever I pass by a funeral home; I don't want to see the coffins, the flowers, the lights and the sad people. Death is a part of life. No one even me can't escape from it. I accept that. I really do. Just don't want it now. Not yet.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

CS Orientation Day

Computer Studies Orientation Day, June 27, 2008, @ 213 Finster Building. Where fun, gathering and party happens. Be there! Go CS! It's our time to SHINE!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

True Wisdom by Fr. Moga

The search for wisdom has been part of the human life. History would show us how the wise men gave reasons on the every circumstance, phenomenon etc etc. But what really is true wisdom? True wisdom is not merely a matter of a high mental capacity. It is neither a mere factual knowledge nor a knowledge which is connected with a particular human skill. Wisdom is more than these. Fr. Michael D. Morga SJ presents us with ten various descriptions of wisdom.

1. Wisdom as sensitivity for mystery.
2. Wisdom as the Knowledge of the Ultimate Reasons or Causes.
3. Wisdom as the Sense of the Overall Goal of Human Life.
4. Wisdom as Sensitivity for Human Life.
5. Wisdom as a Broad View of Things.
6. Wisdom as Good Judgment.
7. Wisdom as a Living in terms of the Religious Dimensions of Life.
8. Wisdom as Knowing How to be Happy.
9. Wisdom as a Living in terms of What is Truly Important.
10. Wisdom as Living in Tune with a Greater Reality.

Wisdom itself refuses to be defined, thus, people can only give descriptions to what wisdom is all about. Defining wisdom is like constraining it, putting limits and boundaries. However, wisdom is an open system, you can describe it the way you see it but still be based on logical reasoning.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics DUMPED Lakers by a 39 point lead

BOSTON (AP) -- With Russell and Havlicek sitting courtside, and Red surely lighting up a victory cigar somewhere, these Boston Celtics returned to glory like the great teams before them.

Dominant in every way.

On a new parquet floor below aging championship banners hung in the rafters two decades back, the Celtics won their 17th NBA title and a first one -- at last -- for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen -- their Big Three for a new generation. After 22 long years, the NBA has gone green. Lifted by ear-splitting chants of "Beat L.A." early and cries of "Seven-teen" in the closing seconds by their adoring crowd, the Celtics concluded a shocking rebound of a season with a stunning 131-92 blowout over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 on Tuesday night.

"It means so much more because these are the guys, the Havliceks, the Bill Russells, the Cousys," Pierce said. "These guys started what's going on with those banners. They don't hang up any other banners but championship ones.

"And now I'm a part of it."

With the outcome assured, Boston fans sang into the night as if they were in a pub on nearby Canal Street. They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.Garnett scored 26 points with 14 rebounds, Allen scored 26 and Pierce, the Finals MVP who shook off a sprained right knee sustained in Game 1, added 17 as the Celtics, a 24-win team a year ago, wrapped up their first title since 1986.Rajon Rondo had 21 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and six steals as the Celtics, who built a 23-point halftime lead and obliterated the Lakers, who were trying to become the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.They didn't stand a chance.

Boston's 39-point win surpassed the NBA record for the biggest margin of victory in a championship clincher; the Celtics beat the Lakers 129-96 in Game 5 of the 1965 NBA Finals.In the final minute, Pierce doused Celtics coach Doc Rivers with red Gatorade. Owner Wyc Grousbeck, who named his group Banner 17 to leave no doubt about his goal, put an unlit cigar in his mouth -- a tribute to Auerbach, the patriarch who had a hand in the franchise's first 16 titles.Garnett dropped to the parquet and kissed the leprechaun at center court and then found Russell, the Hall of Famer who taught him the Celtic way, for a long embrace."I got my own. I got my own," Garnett said. "I hope we made you proud.""You sure did," Russell said.

Rivers pulled Pierce, Garnett and Allen with 4:01 left and they shared a group hug with their coach, who was nearly run out of town last season. Rivers lost his father at the beginning of this remarkable run, a season no one expected.By the time Rivers was handed the Larry O'Brien Trophy, it was June 18 -- his late father's birthday.When the game clock reached zeros, Rivers reflected on his dad."My first thought was what would my dad say," Rivers said, "and honestly I started laughing because I thought he would probably say, if you knew my dad, 'It's about time. What have you been waiting for?'"It's was Boston's first title since the passing of Auerbach, whose presence was the only thing missing on this night. Even Auerbach, who died in 2006, got some satisfaction. Led by Rivers, Auerbach's beloved team denied Lakers coach Phil Jackson from overtaking him with a 10th championship.

The Boston-Los Angeles rivalry, nothing more than black-and-white footage from the 60s and TV highlights of players wearing short shorts in the 80s to young hoops fans, remains tilted toward the Atlantic Ocean. The Celtics are 9-2 against the Lakers in the Finals.Boston missed its first crack at closing out the series in Game 5, but the Celtics didn't miss on their second swing, running the Lakers out of the gym.Bryant, the regular season MVP, finished with 22 points on 7-of-22 shooting.He started 4-of-5 from the field and seemed intent on forcing a Game 7. But he missed seven shots in a row and everywhere he went, L.A.'s No. 24 ran smack into a wall of Boston defense as high as the Green Monster."They were definitely the best defense I've seen the entire playoffs," Bryant said. "I've seen some pretty stiff ones and this was right up there with them. The goal was to win a championship, it wasn't to win MVP or anything like that, it was to win a championship."

Garnett and Allen were All-Stars in other cities, stuck in Minnesota and Seattle, respectively, on teams going nowhere. But brought together in trades last summer by Celtics general manager Danny Ainge, a member of the '86 Celtics champions, they joined Pierce and formed an unbreakable bond, a trio as tight as the club's lucky shamrock logo.They resisted being called The Big Three, a nickname given to Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish two decades ago."This is the reason we came here," Garnett said. "This is the reason we got together, and Danny made it go down. This is it right now."With Garnett scoring 17 points and Pierce adding 10, Boston built a 58-35 halftime lead, and unlike Game 2 when they let the Lakers trim a 24-point lead to two in the fourth quarter before recovering, the Celtics never stopped.They pushed their lead to 31 in the third, and with Boston still up by 29 after three, plastic sheets started going up in the Celtics' locker room in preparation for a champagne celebration.No team had to work harder for a championship than these Celtics, who were playing in their record 26th postseason game after being pushed to seven games by Atlanta and Cleveland before taking care of Detroit in six to win the Eastern Conference title.They entered Game 6 slowed by injuries as Pierce, Kendrick Perkins (shoulder) and Rondo (ankle) were less than 100 percent. There was also uncertainty surrounding Allen, who stayed behind in Los Angeles following Game 5 after his youngest son became ill and was diagnosed with diabetes. The Celtics needed three planes to get back from L.A. and didn't get home until late Monday night.But there were no excuses, and just as they had while winning 66 games during the regular season, the Celtics got plenty of help from their bench as P.J. Brown, James Posey, Leon Powe and rookie Glen "Big Baby" Davis came in and contributed.It was a group effort by this gang in green, which bonded behind Rivers, who borrowed an African word ubuntu (pronounced Ooh-BOON-too) and roughly means "I am, because we are" in English, as the Celtics' unifying team motto.The Celtics gave the Lakers a 12-minute crash course of ubuntu in the second quarter.Boston outscored Los Angeles 34-19, getting 11 field goals on 11 assists. The Celtics toyed with the Lakers, outworking the Western Conference's best inside and out and showing the same kind of heart that made Boston the center of pro basketball's universe in the '60s.House and Posey made 3-pointers to put the Celtics ahead by 12 points and baskets by Pierce, Garnett and Rondo put Boston ahead by 18.In the final minute, Garnett floated in the lane, banked in a one-handed runner and was fouled. His free throw made it 56-35, and after Perkins scored, the Celtics ran to the locker room leading by 23.On his way off the floor, Garnett screamed, "That's that."And so it was.Game notes
The Lakers had won their previous eight straight Game 6s in the Finals. ... Since the Finals began in 1947, 16 have gone seven games, the most recent in 2005 when San Antonio had to go the distance to beat Detroit. ... It was the second biggest margin in Finals history behind Chicago's 96-54 win over Utah in 1998. ... The Celtics went 48-7 at home, including 13-1 in the postseason.

Source: ESPN NBA

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Saturday, June 14, 2008


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Get Low

Read 1Peter 5:5-11
You know you're having a bad day when... Your horn sticks on the freeway, while you're behind 32 Hell's Angels motorcyclists. Your twin sister forgets your birthday. You call your wife and tell her that you'd like to eat tonight, and when you get home you find a sandwich on the front porch.

Can you relate to these humbling scenarios? When little embarrassments happen, we may think God wants to humble me. Joking aside, that's not what the Bible teaches. God certainly can humble us. Daniel 4:37 says, "Those who walk in pride he is able to humble." Surprisingly, God doesn't want to humble us; He wants us to humble ourselves.

1Peter 5:6 says, "Humble yourselves...under the mighty hand of God." God wants us to choose actions that will produce humility in us. Humility isn't something you feel, it's something you do. When we promote or overly protect ourselves, we're acting out of pride. When pride is our chosen attitude, God opposes us.

So how can you and I choose to "clothe ourselves with humility toward one another" as 1 Peter 5:5 directs? Here's one way: We can follow Jesus' example in the Philippians. "Do nothing from rivalry or [pride], but in humility count others more significant that yourselves... Have this in mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus". Jesus chose to think of others as more important than Himself. Just think about how huge that is! Jesus, the Son of God, the Creator of of the universe said, "You before me. Your needs before my needs." That's the example of our Savior.

Today will present multiple opportunities for you to follow His example. Don't miss or resist them. Instead, smile and think. This is my chance to be like Jesus! God is watching and waiting to reward you.

By James MacDonald, Our Daily Journey
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ways to Boost Self-Esteem

What we need in this world is a self who can withstand the test of time. If you can't help yourself, who can help you? Boosting the self-esteem is a vital thing to do to survive and to be happy. And there are seven ways to do it.

1) Think back to when you did something new for the first time.Learning something new is often accompanied by feelings of nervousness, lack of self belief and high stress levels, all of which are necessary parts of the learning process. The next time you feel under-confident, remembering this will remind you that it's perfectly normal - you're just learning!

2) Do something you have been putting off. Like writing or calling a friend, cleaning the house, tidying the garden, fixing the car, organizing the bills, making a tasty and healthy meal - anything that involved you making a decision, then following through!

3) Do something you are good at. Examples? How about swimming, running, dancing, cooking, gardening, climbing, painting, writing… If possible, it should be something that holds your attention and requires enough focus to get you into that state of 'flow' where you forget about everything else. You will feel more competent, accomplished and capable afterwards, great antidotes to low self esteem!And while you're at it, seriously consider doing something like this at least once a week. People who experience 'flow' regularly seem to be happier and healthier.

4) Stop thinking about yourself! I know this sounds strange, but low self esteem is often accompanied by too much focus on the self. Doing something that absorbs you and holds your attention can quickly make you feel better.

5) Get seriously relaxed.If you are feeling low, anxious or lacking in confidence, the first thing to do is to stop thinking and relax properly. Some people do this by exercising, others by involving themselves in something that occupies their mind. However, being able to relax yourself when you want is a fantastic life skill and so practicing self hypnosis, meditation, or a physically-based relaxation technique such as Tai Chi can be incredibly useful. When you are properly relaxed, your brain is less emotional and your memory for good events works better. A great 'rescue remedy'!

6) Remember all the things you have achieved. This can be difficult at first, but after a while, you'll develop a handy mental list of self-esteem boosting memories. And if you're thinking "But I've never achieved anything", I'm not talking about climbing Everest here. Things like passing your driving test (despite being nervous), passing exams (despite doubting that you would), playing team sport, getting fit (even if you let it slip later), saving money for something, trying to help someone (even if it didn't work) and so on.

7) Remember that you could be wrong!If you are feeling bad about yourself, remember that you way you feel affects your thoughts, memory and behavior. So when you feel bad, you will only remember the bad times, and will tend to be pessimistic about yourself. This is where the tip 'Get Seriously Relaxed' comes in!

Source here.
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