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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home Alone

I AM HOME ALONE! I am supposed to be there with my family in my uncle's private resort but I refused because of this Project Management work. So by the time I decided to really wake up this morning, I was left at home alone. I really feel alone. This night, I ate my dinner alone. I decided to watch some random movie to entertain myself but I found no interesting film. I was about to take a ride when a friend asked me to bring him the MAC OSX Installer. So I went there and walked. I was alone walking in that dim-lit streets. My friend told me that I should be cautious. We talked for a while and I left. I was alone again. While heading I was thinking of writing this entry and be more informative. I thought of searching the effects of being home alone or what. But, I realized I should stick to my own feelings and experiences that base this post to any others' reflections. So i dumped that idea as I threw that leftover I saw in the dining table. I planned to get our dog inside but again I did not do it. I realized that he may be used to it and I can't afford him to be just licking my whole body while I am working with this project we have. By the way. before I reached home, I passed by a wake of a neighbor. There were lots who visit his wake. From that place to our home is about 98 steps, my steps. Well, steps could vary. The place is so dark. I feel all alone again. I opened the door and saw no one (obviously). I opened the lights, the TV, the computer, the laptop, the air conditioner, many more. I am really looking for some company. I thought of going out but then realized that that is not me. I am a home buddy. So now, I am putting this loneliness to words. Solitude really makes me reflect. I can use my being a soliloquist right this very moment. I only have myself. I am home alone. I can't wait to have them back home.

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Chokingonstatic said...

Hi, thanks for your interest in exchanging links. I just added your link to my blog :)

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ulee06 said...

Thank's for your comming. Some day if you are alone.... again. Let's try come to my blog with a cup of coffee. Some adventure with coffee in your mouth. ;)