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Friday, October 17, 2008

Advent of the Break

Wheeew! Just last Thursday, the school works ended. Yey! We were so happy that we wanted to celebrate the beginning of our semestral break. Cly, darl, eaque. jeff and I went to SM to have some pizza treat. It took time for us to decide where to eat; it was either yellow cub or greenwich. We chose greenwich because the store was cheaper. The ordering took some time too because we were so not used to choose what pizza to partake. We ended up eating a sari-sari party square plus the overloaded pizza, that one with shawarma. We have some chitchats while eating. Btw, i think i have the most pizza eaten. LOL. We did a window shopping. Still, on computers. LOL. We looked for external hard disks, mobile phones, and some techy stuff. Then, we enjoyed the amusement in their arcade. At first, we planned to take the videoke but ended up playing with race cars. I was bad with that game. I can't seem to win. LOL. After everbody played with that virtual race, we tried to make it real. We went to the bump car station. LOL. Yes, we played with bump cars. My first try was a disaster. The car was not moving; it did not move at all until the time ended. I was pissed. I asked for another round but I have no one to play with. Thankfully, the assigned guy was kind and let the three of us play again while the two bought another tickets. I really enjoyed the ride, the bumping, the little pain and the laughs. I think the audience enjoyed watching us. LOL. We tried other games too like gun shooting and motor racing. We strolled for a while and decided to take the last full show. Darl had to go home early so we accompanied here out then went to the super market to buy cly's stuff and our snacks for the movie. We watched Mag-ingat ka sa Kulam of Judy Ann Santos. My companions, I think, were scared really. I enjoyed seeing them jumping off their seats and scream a little. LOL Ero Ero Azero. I love those lines. I like the story. I love the experience. I am happy that I decided to join them.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

looks like you totally enjoyed that day with them. nakakamiss tuloy gumimik! ahehehe!

natawa ako dun sa bump cars. the same thing happened to me. ayaw din niyang gumalaw. i was really frustrated and i was so embarassed kasi ang laki laki ko na hindi pa ako marunong magpaandar! hahaha!

mahina din ako sa race cars. basketball at videoke ang trip ko kapag sa mga arcades...

so nakakatakot pala yung 'kulam'... minsan nakakaentertain manood ng mga nanonood kesa sa dun sa movie! hahaha!

Chokingonstatic Design said...

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