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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Morning with My Beautiful Chinese Friend

Yesterday, I sent a text message to my friend asking her if she would do her daily jogging today. She replied yes and we decided to do it this morning. That night, I was really into emotional roller coaster. But also that night, I learned what's wrong. Thanks to my bestfriend Jonathan who helped me understand and realize what's happening in me. I had to sleep early yet I couldn't because I had to do thesis docs. So I slept at almost 2AM. I had a sound sleep that I almost forgot that I had a jogging session with Kimmy. Good thing she called because if she didn't I'd wake up at 8AM. Hahah. So I readied myself and waited for her at the lobby of Royal Mandaya Hotel (I was in a stay-in seminar). She fetched me using their Red Adventure. I loved the experience. It thrilled me. Being able to experience someone to fetch me infront of a hotel made me really happy. It was my first. Forever I'll remember it. We went to Ladislawa Garden Village. It was my first time to really get in the village and toured somehow. Another first. I had fun chatting with Kimmy while jogging, walking, and looking at the houses. It's inspiring to see beautiful houses. It has given me a probable architectural design for my own house someday. Helped me realize what I like and don't like in a house. All in all I had so much fun roving around Ladislawa and seeing new people doing the same thing early morning. Of course, the jogging was so much fun because of our chat, Kim and I. After Ladislawa we went to McDo to have our breakfast. There we continued our chat and got a bit more serious. We talked about traveling, friendship, self-control, the PAUSE principle, future plans, married life, etc. I had a good time with my beautiful friend. After McDo she brought me back to the hotel. So many first times that happened today. First time jogging with my beautiful Chinese friend, Kimmy. A wonderful morning I'll forever treasure. Thanks, Kimmy. :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Venture: LinkFromBlog

When I decided to start writing blog entries some opportunities kept on coming. One of the opportunities is the invitation from another blogger to try this site--LinkFromBlog.

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As a blogger, I won't let this opportunity to just pass. So, I'll try my luck in this new venture. I may not get as many offers because of my blog's popularity and page rank but I would still take the chance.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Because I can only do so much

In life there are things that you have no control of. Even how much you try to put things in place, perfectly design it, do your best and give your all, they may not just be enough.

I learned that I could only do so much; that despite all my efforts, things may not go my way, as what I expect them to be.

I have done things that I have never done before—my firsts. I thought that if I go beyond my routines, that if I do something unusual, that if I do it, things will be perfectly beautiful. But it was not the case.

I have done my best. I have been very prepared. I thought that if things are in place, that if all are set, that if I am just prepared, things will be smooth sailing. Again, it was not the case.

I have given my all. In my perspective, I gave my all. I thought that if I won’t hold back, that if I do everything I can do and give, things would go my way. It was not the case.

At the end of the day, I realized that even if I did what I’ve never done before, did my very best and gave my all, it’s not always an assurance that things will be perfectly well. There are things that I, we, have no control of like sickness, natural calamity, etc. I can have no control of them nor prevent them from coming. They are external. They are beyond my control.

It is just sad that my efforts could be wasted because these external factors may not coincide with what I plan, with what I want to happen. And so I prayed that they might be very kind to me, that God intervenes and let not external factors ruin my plans. I asked for a divine intervention but it did not work, at least not the way I expected the answered prayer to be. In short, things did not go perfectly well. I was frustrated and disappointed. My efforts. My money. My time. My happiness. Not so much catered.

But I realized, I should still be thankful for what happened. First, I learned to do something new and it was a wonderful feeling to be able to do something out of passion, and not just because of a mere requirement or anything. Second, I should be proud of myself for being prepared, for doing my best to make things well. I think it is something I should be happy for. Lastly, I should never be frustrated nor lose heart because of some unfortunate events. What mattered more was that I gave my all. I am never regretful. I realized that I am already happy of what happened. I was just clouded of the not-so-good events that I failed to see the beauty of my experience.

I am HAPPY. Things may have not gone my way but it was more than enough that in my own capacity, I gave everything I got. And that I still worked on to make things perfectly well. So, I enjoyed, had fun and learned something new in this life.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Special Day, Special Place

This is a special day. For so many wonderful and simple reasons, this day is very special to me. There's no any grand thing that happened yet I am soooo happy, that's why this is a special day. :)

A little traveling,
some indirect answers to questions, waiting a bit, going to a convenience store to check prices, short text messages, lunch with my bestfriend, seeing my other friends after their Techno defense, and visiting my Lolo made this day very special.

I love the simplicity of what I did. There was so much energy and fun. There was excitement. So much happiness. So much passion.

Traveling became so interesting. It's a bit time-consuming but I wanted to extend it, that destination was farther, to enjoy the moment. I had fun giving indirect answers to some questions. Made me feel witty. I enjoyed the waiting part underneath a tree. Solitude gave me time to think and reflect and be happy of what is about to happen. Also, it was good to check some prices in a convenience store. Look for cheaper products. Try to budget money. And get the feeling that great things are about to happen. Short text messages also made me smile. Even those words are not directly coming from the mouth of the people who sent them, I still feel the warmth of those messages. I had lunch with my bestfriend in the FoodCourt. It was our first time to eat together there. It's a wonderful feeling that you have someone to eat meal with and talk on some stuff while eating. I just can't eat alone. That's me. And yeah, seeing my beautiful friends after their Techno defense and sharing good news contributed to the happines I am feeling right now. I am just so proud of them for making it. One more sem and we're done guys! :) Lastly, visiting my Lolo in Buhangin Memorial Park was the culmination of this special day. I miss him so much and I missed going to that place. I saw my grandma and other relatives when I got there. It was almost drizzling so I hurried to some special spots in that place. It's so wonderful to be in that place again. Reminiscing of the wonderful things that happened there. Taking photos of those spots. And videotaking of God's lightning show. All of these made my day more special.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Dream Bond

Sometimes, in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken. Sometimes, you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what. Maybe you'll find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding, but there's also the chance that the one person you can count on for a lifetime, the one person who knows you, sometimes better than you know yourself, is the same person who's been standing beside you all along. (Bride Wars)

I was struck by these lines from the famous movie Bride Wars. Actually, I have not seen the movie yet. Someone shared these lines. True, indeed. There really are bonds that can never be broken. Not because it is unbreakable, but because it's a choice to stick together, forever. It's rare, though. It's so hard to sustain bonds. Problems, temptations and the like will try to challenge and break them. But these are just tests. If taken constructively, these will help a bond to be stronger and better. I really admire those people who stick together no matter what. Facing the problems together, holding each other hands. Doing their best to sustain the love and holding on to each others' promises. Sticking to the commitment and vow they once made.

I dream to have such bond. And I would fight and work for it. A rare bond that is worth my lifetime. Yet, I can never know the answer until my very last breath.

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Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, or should I say, yesterday, October 9, 2009 was the due for the payment of Kalasag subscription. Kalasag is the official yearbook of Ateneo de Davao University-College. This blog is I know late to campaign to pay. But I just want to still put an entry about it because I really love their concept-- yoUPay. By the way, this is my first entry after long months of hibernation. So, I'm back to the online world. I'd try my best to keep people updated of my daily or weekly activities. That is if there are people following me or reading my blog entries. Anyway, yoUPay is derived from the Disney Pixar movie UP. I really love the movie so I'm loving their campaign, too. I recommend this film. If you have not watched it, try buying original DVDs. If you can't afford, you may get it from torrent sites. I just want to share photos that I took from my phone. The first one is the campaign stilt of the Kalasag and the other one is the red balloon that I have in our closet room, which is still breathing. I mean, has not yet really deflated. It still has shape but with wrinkles and signs of aging. Hahah. I really love balloons. I really keep them if I get the chance to bring them home, the more reason if they are given to me by people I love. Well, because I love the campaign of Kalasag I paid earlier but it won't discount the fact that I returned my Graduate Profile Form very late. This would be all for now. More entries in the next days.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

No to Con-Ass. Not NOW!

No to Conass!


Congressmen who VOTED for CON-ASS


ABLAN, ROQUE R. JR, Ilocos Norte, 1st District
AGBAYANI, VICTOR AGUEDO E. Pangasinan, 2nd District
AGYAO, MANUEL, S Kalinga Province
ALBANO (III), RODOLFO T. Isabela, 1st District
ALFELOR, FELIX R. JR. 4th District, Camarines Sur
ALMARIO, THELMA Z. Davao Oriental, 2nd District
ALVAREZ, ANTONIO C. Palawan 1st District
ALVAREZ, GENARO RAFAEL M. JR. Negros Occidental, 6th District
AMANTE, EDELMIRO A. Agusan Del Norte, 2nd District
AMATONG, ROMMEL C. Compostela Valley, 2nd District
ANGPING, MARIA ZENAIDA B. Manila, 3rd District
ANTONINO, RODOLFO W. Nueva Ecija, 4th District
APOSTOL, TRINIDAD G. Leyte, 2nd District
AQUINO, JOSE S. (II) 1st District Agusan del Norte
ARAGO, MARIA EVITA R. 3rd district, Laguna
ARBISON, A MUNIR M. Sulu 2nd District
ARENAS, MA. RACHEL J. Pangasinan, 3rd District
ARROYO, DIOSDADO M. Camarines Sur, 1st District
ARROYO, IGNACIO T. 5th district Negros Occidental
ARROYO, JUAN MIGUEL M. 2nd District of Pampanga
BAGATSING, AMADO S. Manila 5th district
BALINDONG, PANGALIAN M. Lanao del Sur, 2nd District
BARZAGA, ELPIDIO F. JR. Cavite, 2nd District
BAUTISTA, FRANKLIN P. Davao Del Sur, 2nd District
BELMONTE, VICENTE F. JR. Lanao del Norte, 1st District
BICHARA, AL FRANCIS C.. Albay, 2nd District
BIRON, FERJENEL G. Iloilo, 4th District
BONDOC, ANNA YORK P. Pampanga 4th District
BONOAN-DAVID, MA. THERESA B. Manila, 4th District
BRAVO, NARCISO R. JR. Masbate, 1st District
BUHAIN, EILEEN ERMITA Batangas, 1st District
BULUT, ELIAS C. JR. Apayao Lone District
CAGAS (IV), MARC DOUGLAS C. Davao Del Sur, 1st District
CAJAYON, MARY MITZI L. Caloocan, 2nd District
CAJES, ROBERTO C. Bohol, 2nd District
CARI, CARMEN L. Leyte, 5th District
CASTRO, FREDENIL H. Capiz, 2nd District
CELESTE, ARTHUR F. Pangasinan, 1st District
CERILLES, ANTONIO H. Zamboanga Del Sur, 2nd District
CHATTO, EDGARDO M. Bohol, 1st District
CHONG, GLENN A. Biliran, Lone District
CHUNG-LAO, SOLOMON R. Ifugao, Lone District
CLARETE, MARINA C. Misamis Occidental, 1st District
CODILLA, EUFROCINO M. SR. Leyte, 4th District
COJUANCO, MARK O. Pangasinan, 5th District
COQUILA, TEODULO M. Eastern Samar, Lone District
CRISOLOGO, VINCENT P. Quezon City, 1st District
CUA, JUNIE E. Quirino, Lone District
CUENCO, ANTONIO V. Cebu City, 2nd District
DANGWA, SAMUEL M. Benguet, Lone District
DATUMANONG, SIMEON A. Maguindanao, Lone District
Dayanghirang, Nelson L. Davao Oriental, 1st District
DAZA, NANETTE C. Quezon City, 4th District
DAZA, PAUL R. Northern Samar, 1st District
DE GUZMAN, DEL R. Marikina City, 2nd District
DEFENSOR, ARTHUR D. SR. Iloilo, 3rd District
DEFENSOR, MATIAS V. JR. Quezon City, 3rd District
DEL MAR, RAUL V. Cebu City, 1st District
DIASNES, CARLO OLIVER D. (MD) Batanes, Lone District
DIMAPORO, ABDULLAH D. Lanao Del Norte, 2nd District
DOMOGAN, MAURICIO G. Baguio, Lone District
DUAVIT, MICHAEL JOHN R. Rizal, 1st District
DUENAS, HENRY M. JR. Taguig, 2nd District (2nd Councilor District)
DUMARPA, FAYSAH MRP. Lanao del Sur, 1st District
DUMPIT, THOMAS L. JR. La Union, 2nd District
DURANO (IV), RAMON H. 5th District, Cebu
ECLEO, GLENDA B. Dinagat Islands, Lone District
EMANO, YEVGENY VICENTE B. Misamis Oriental, 2nd District
ENVERGA, WILFRIDO MARK M. Quezon, 1st District
ESTRELLA, CONRADO M. (III) Pangasinan, 6th District
FERRER, JEFFREY P. Negros Occidental, 4th District
GARAY, FLORENCIO C. Surigao Del Sur, 2nd District
GARCIA, ALBERT S. Bataan, 2nd District.
GARCIA, PABLO JOHN F. Cebu, 3rd District
GARCIA, PABLO P. Cebu, 2nd District
GARCIA, VINCENT J. Davao City, 2nd District
GARIN, JANETTE L. Iloilo, 1st District
GATCHALIAN, REXLON T. Valenzuela City, 1st District
GATLABAYAN, ANGELITO C. Antipolo City, 2nd District
GO, ARNULFO F. Sultan Kudarat, 2nd District
GONZALES, AURELIO D. JR. Pampanga 3rd District
GONZALES, RAUL T. JR. Ilo ilo City
GULLAS, EDUARDO R. Cebu, 1st District
GUNIGUNDO, MAGTANGGOL T. Valenzuela City 2nd District
HOFER, DULCE ANN K. Zamboanga Sibugay, 2nd District
JAAFAR, NUR G. Tawi-Tawi, Lone District
JALA, ADAM RELSON L. Bohol, 3rd District
JALOSJOS, CESAR G. Zamboanga del Norte, 3rd District
JALOSJOS-CARREON, CECILIA G. Zamboanga del Norte, 1st District
JIKIRI, YUSOP H. Sulu, 1st District
KHO, ANTONIO T. Masbate, 2nd District
LABADLABAD, ROSENDO S. Zamboanga del Norte, 2nd District
LACSON, JOSE CARLOS V. Negros Occidental, 3rd District
LAGDAMEO, ANTONIO F. JR. Davao del Norte, 2nd District
LAPUS, JECI A. Tarlac, 3rd District
LAZATIN, CARMELO F. Pampanga, 1st District
LIM, RENO G. Albay, 3rd District
LOPEZ, JAIME C. Manila, 2nd District
MADRONA, ELEANORA JESUS F. Romblon, Lone District
MAGSAYSAY, MARIA MILAGROS H. Zambales, 1st District
MALAPITAN, OSCAR G. Caloocan, 1st District
MAMBA, MANUEL N. Cagayan, 3rd District
MARANON, ALFREDO D. III Negros Occidental, 2nd District
MATUGAS, FRANCISCO T. Surigao del Norte, 1st District
MENDOZA, MARK LEANDRO L. Batangas, 4th District
MERCADO, ROGER G. Southern Leyte, Lone District
NAVA, JOAQUIN CARLOS RAHMAN A. (MD) Guimaras, Lone District
NICOLAS, REYLINA G. Bulacan, 4th District
NOGRALES, PROSPERO C. Davao City, 1st District
OLAñO, ARREL R. Davao Del Norte, 1st District
ONG, EMIL L. Northern Samar, 2nd District
ORTEGA, VICTOR FRANCISCO C. La Union, 1st District
PANCHO, PEDRO M. Bulacan, 2nd District
PANCRUDO, CANDIDO P. JR. Bukidnon, 1st District
PICHAY, PHILIP A. Surigao Del Sur, 1st District
PIñOL, BERNARDO F. JR. North Cotabato, 2nd District
PUNO, ROBERTO V. Antipolo City, 1st District
RAMIRO, HERMINIA M. Misamis Occidental, 2nd District
REMULLA, JESUS CRISPIN C. Cavite, 3rd District
REYES, CARMELITA O. Marinduque, Lone District
REYES, VICTORIA H. Batangas, 3rd District
ROBES, ARTURO G. San Jose Del Monte City, Lone District
Rodriguez-Zaldarria ga, Adelina Rizal, 2nd District
ROMAN, HERMINIA B. Bataan, 1st District
ROMARATE, GUILLERMO A. JR. Surigao del Norte, 2nd District
ROMUALDO, PEDRO Camiguin, Lone District
ROMULO, ROMAN T. Pasig City, Lone District
SALIMBANGON, BENHUR L. Cebu, 4th District
SALVACION JR., ANDRES D. Leyte, 3rd District
SAN LUIS, EDGAR S. Laguna, 4th District
SANDOVAL, ALVIN S. Malabon-Navotas, Lone District
SANTIAGO, JOSEPH A. Catanduanes, Lone District
SEACHON-LANETE, RIZALINA L. 3rd district of Masbate
SEARES-LUNA, CECILIA M. Abra, Lone District
SILVERIO, LORNA C. Bulacan, 3rd District
SINGSON, ERIC D. Ilocos Sur, 2nd District
SINGSON, RONALD V. Ilocos Sur, 1st District
SOLIS, JOSE G. Sorsogon, 2nd District
SUAREZ, DANILO E. Quezon, 3rd District
SUSANO, MARY ANN L. Quezon City, 2nd District
SY-ALVARADO, MA. VICTORIA R. Bulacan, 1st District
SYJUCO, JUDY J. 2nd Dsitrict, Iloilo
TALINO-MENDOZA, EMMYLOU J. North Cotabato, 1st District
TAN, SHAREE ANN T. Samar, 2nd District
TEODORO, MARCELINO R. Marikina City, 1st District
TEVES, PRYDE HENRY A. Negros Oriental, 3rd District
TUPAS, NEIL C. JR. Iloilo, 5th District
UNGAB, ISIDRO T. Davao City, 3rd District
UY, EDWIN C. Isabela, 2nd District
UY, REYNALDO S. Samar, 1st District
UY, ROLANDO A. Cagayan De Oro City, Lone District
VALENCIA, RODOLFO G. Oriental Mindoro, 1st District
VARGAS, FLORENCIO L. Cagayan, 2nd District
VILLAFUERTE, LUIS R. Camarines Sur, 2nd District
VILLAROSA, MA. AMELITA C. Occidental Mindoro, Lone District
VIOLAGO, JOSEPH GILBERT F. Nueva Ecija, 2nd District
YAP, JOSE V. Tarlac, 2nd District
YU, VICTOR J. Zamboanga Del Sur, 1st District
ZAMORA, MANUEL E. 1st District, Compostela Valley
ZIALCITA, EDUARDO C. Parañaque, 1st District

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter

I am now an official Twitter user. You can click here to visit my profile page and may decide to follow me. :) I use Tweetdeck to see the updates of my friends in Twitter and Facebook. I can also now see what's happening to the artists and significant people I am following. It is a good one. Very easy to use. I can simultaneously update my Twitter and Facebook status. See? Try it yourself now. ;)

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a Lonely Day After All

I was tying my shoelaces in the jeep. After it I saw no one in there but me and realized I was alone. This is a day that I want some company but no one was there. I can’t seem to find any friend to make me feel that I am not alone. I was expecting some people but they’re nowhere to be found. This is one of those days that I become melodramatic. That I feel that close friends are getting far from me. That I am not needed and wanted anymore. That I am no longer special.

I was self-talking to accompany myself. I was looking for something to entertain me. I was alone and I want to cheer myself up. Before the jeep traveled any farther I realized that today is Monday and I should be visiting my grandpa. I stopped near the flyover and rode a jeep heading to Cabantian. No one was there but me. I talked to my grandpa while cleaning his gravestone. I was really in need of company. My uncle came and so did the rest of the family just a couple of minutes after. I realized then that I am never alone. I have my family and relatives. Most especially, God never fails to make me feel accompanied.

And sometimes there will be people who will drop by, unexpectedly appreciate your hair and make you feel less lonely. :)

I thank God that this is not a lonely day after all.
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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Toughest Competition

This season is one of the best seasons in American Idol, many people would say. I can't agree more. The competition proper started with thirteen (13) instead of twelve(12) idols. There is no doubt that the casts exceeded. All of them are really great.

Last night and the other night, I watched American Idol in and in Star World at night. The performance night was a stellar night. Everybody was giving their best. Even I had the hard time to choose whom I want to go home after the voting (I can't vote actually because I reside here in Philippines.). So the elimination night began. Natalie Cole performed and so did Tyler. I loved the number of Jamie Fox. He really is a WONDERFUL performer.

Before the performances of the stars, Danny and Allison were saved leaving Adam, Kris and Matt in the bottom three. It was, in a way, shocking. I was not expecting for Allison to be in the top 2, knowing that she has been in the bottom three for how many times. I was grateful the two were saved. I loved them. Kris Allen was saved next. It was between Adam and Matt. I was again shocked. I couldn't believe that Adam will be in the bottom two. He was saved and Matt was eliminated. I was expecting that. It was hard. The competition is very stiff. Everybody really has the chance of becoming the next American Idol. Next week is Disco Week. I can't wait.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Good Friday Again.

I can still remember that my first ever post here is related to my Good Friday experience last year.

This year's Good Friday is totally different from last year's. I am just at home. I watched my favorite Anime show in Hero TV (Prince of Tennis), Charmed in Velvet and the 7 Last Words in ABS-CBN. I thought watching TV on this day won't make any difference in me but I was wrong. The 7 Last Words was very inspiring, healing, and moving.
I was inspired by the people who shared their individual testimonies of faith. There was this person who lost his vocal chords because of larynx cancer. He was at first doubtful of what God's plan for him and even questioned why, for all the people in this word, him. But he accepted God's plan for him with a welcoming heart eventually.

I was healed. While watching I can't hold my tears from falling. Later I realized it was my way for cleansing my heart and soul. The words from the Lord even how many times I've heard before are always as good as new whenever I hear them again. The lessons, the faith, the LOVE of God to us, these are the things that healed me and made me feel that I am becoming more like Chris little by little.

I was moved. One priest said that we should have the courage to accept that God loves us. Why? Because God's love can only be felt if we are willing to accept it and see it. We face problems. We lose someone very special, our house is burned, we failed in the exam, and many other problems that we may encounter. Sometimes, we feel that God has not loved us at all because of all these struggles. But, if we just follow the will of God and accept it, we will feel that there is so much LOVE from God given to us. Every struggle brings the best in us if we just let God be with us. God loves us very much that he wants to bring the best in us. He wants us to trust HIM and continue our faith.

I have a different Good Friday now but I thank God that I learned more.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am BACK!

It's been a while since my last post here. I realized that I should be updating my blog because there may be some people who find my blog entries interesting. :)

I am BACK finally. I'll be posting some past experiences and recent updates.

I am still active in (click the marquee link below). The site really pays. I have bought something abroad already from my earnings. :D

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