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Monday, October 12, 2009

Special Day, Special Place

This is a special day. For so many wonderful and simple reasons, this day is very special to me. There's no any grand thing that happened yet I am soooo happy, that's why this is a special day. :)

A little traveling,
some indirect answers to questions, waiting a bit, going to a convenience store to check prices, short text messages, lunch with my bestfriend, seeing my other friends after their Techno defense, and visiting my Lolo made this day very special.

I love the simplicity of what I did. There was so much energy and fun. There was excitement. So much happiness. So much passion.

Traveling became so interesting. It's a bit time-consuming but I wanted to extend it, that destination was farther, to enjoy the moment. I had fun giving indirect answers to some questions. Made me feel witty. I enjoyed the waiting part underneath a tree. Solitude gave me time to think and reflect and be happy of what is about to happen. Also, it was good to check some prices in a convenience store. Look for cheaper products. Try to budget money. And get the feeling that great things are about to happen. Short text messages also made me smile. Even those words are not directly coming from the mouth of the people who sent them, I still feel the warmth of those messages. I had lunch with my bestfriend in the FoodCourt. It was our first time to eat together there. It's a wonderful feeling that you have someone to eat meal with and talk on some stuff while eating. I just can't eat alone. That's me. And yeah, seeing my beautiful friends after their Techno defense and sharing good news contributed to the happines I am feeling right now. I am just so proud of them for making it. One more sem and we're done guys! :) Lastly, visiting my Lolo in Buhangin Memorial Park was the culmination of this special day. I miss him so much and I missed going to that place. I saw my grandma and other relatives when I got there. It was almost drizzling so I hurried to some special spots in that place. It's so wonderful to be in that place again. Reminiscing of the wonderful things that happened there. Taking photos of those spots. And videotaking of God's lightning show. All of these made my day more special.

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kring said...

Let me quote this : "And yeah, seeing my beautiful friends after their Techno defense and sharing good news contributed to the happines I am feeling right now." - Thanks! It was nice seeing you too. And good to know you're happy. Hope to see you before I go home to Alabel (I'm from alabel not from gensan.. lol :P)

lloyd belleza said...

@kring: Hehe. Thank you, friend. And I meant it when I said BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS. :) Heheh. Lage. Hindi ka na taga-GenSan, you are a resident of Alabel. Heheh. :P Nagkita na tayo kanina sa foodcourt. Thank you for reading my posts. :D

jenny said...

para namang taga DTI to check the prices sa convenience:))
peace lloyd:D