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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Venture: LinkFromBlog

When I decided to start writing blog entries some opportunities kept on coming. One of the opportunities is the invitation from another blogger to try this site--LinkFromBlog.

LinkFromBlog is a company based in Minnesota USA. It was established just recently on 2008. For businesses, you can advertise on blogs. Advertiser sites will gain popularity and attention through viral campaign on their products or services. Advertisers are assured that there are quality bloggers that can help them in their campaign and promotion. For bloggers, this is a venue to earn by doing legitimate reviews of products and services offered by advertisers.

As a blogger, I won't let this opportunity to just pass. So, I'll try my luck in this new venture. I may not get as many offers because of my blog's popularity and page rank but I would still take the chance.

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