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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Since it's been two months

This is my second month in Japan. Some great, and some sad things happened here. The happiness of seeing new things, new people, experiencing winter could have stayed longer if this was just a vacation. But no, I am here for work. And I am staying here until my contract expires, three years from now.

I am missing my family so much. This is the first time I have been away from home, from them, this long. It's not easy. Being independent at this age, and in a very unfamiliar country, it's never simple.

I have gone through emotional breakdowns. I don't have really anyone physically here that I can talk to about these things. I share sentiments to my family and friends online. It eases my loneliness somehow, but it's really different when you are with someone who can understand you, and be with you, and share the same sentiments.

I know my colleagues here feel the same thing--being lonely, feeing homesick, etc. But I guess mine is much stronger. And I also have the higher tendency of expressing and showing it through my actions, words, even in my health.

I know, as the days pass, I'm getting closer to that day when I'm finally going back home. I'll just have to think that way. To make that goal as my motivation in order to keep on moving forward.

There will still be times that I'll get into my bed and cry because of too much loneliness, but I am sure that after that I am going to rise again, smile and move.