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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just Don't Push Them Away

When things go badly wrong, or when we think we are in our worst self, we tend to push away the people that dearly love us, thinking that it is the way to save them from the misery and problems that we have. But is it really what we want to do? Is it the best way? Is it right in the first place?

Why do we think that it is saving them from misery? Are we in the best position to say that they are better off without us? Don't we consider what they think, what they prefer to do?

In our darkest moments, in our lowest points, only those who truly love us will stand by, for, and with us. If they want to stick in our lives, who are we push to them away? Are we not being arrogant?

We need love in this life. We need not all, but few people who are willing to stay no matter what, despite all the problems and adversities. But staying means being wanted to stay. A simple admission that we want them to stay, and that they are appreciated, will do. We don't need to give so much time, so much effort, so much money. Just don't push them away and they will stay.

If they truly love us, they will really stay. But again, just don't push them away but rather thank them for the love and company. They are the treasures in this life that we can keep for life. It's hard to lose such treasures.