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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's Good Friday Again.

I can still remember that my first ever post here is related to my Good Friday experience last year.

This year's Good Friday is totally different from last year's. I am just at home. I watched my favorite Anime show in Hero TV (Prince of Tennis), Charmed in Velvet and the 7 Last Words in ABS-CBN. I thought watching TV on this day won't make any difference in me but I was wrong. The 7 Last Words was very inspiring, healing, and moving.
I was inspired by the people who shared their individual testimonies of faith. There was this person who lost his vocal chords because of larynx cancer. He was at first doubtful of what God's plan for him and even questioned why, for all the people in this word, him. But he accepted God's plan for him with a welcoming heart eventually.

I was healed. While watching I can't hold my tears from falling. Later I realized it was my way for cleansing my heart and soul. The words from the Lord even how many times I've heard before are always as good as new whenever I hear them again. The lessons, the faith, the LOVE of God to us, these are the things that healed me and made me feel that I am becoming more like Chris little by little.

I was moved. One priest said that we should have the courage to accept that God loves us. Why? Because God's love can only be felt if we are willing to accept it and see it. We face problems. We lose someone very special, our house is burned, we failed in the exam, and many other problems that we may encounter. Sometimes, we feel that God has not loved us at all because of all these struggles. But, if we just follow the will of God and accept it, we will feel that there is so much LOVE from God given to us. Every struggle brings the best in us if we just let God be with us. God loves us very much that he wants to bring the best in us. He wants us to trust HIM and continue our faith.

I have a different Good Friday now but I thank God that I learned more.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am BACK!

It's been a while since my last post here. I realized that I should be updating my blog because there may be some people who find my blog entries interesting. :)

I am BACK finally. I'll be posting some past experiences and recent updates.

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