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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Suicide is a SELFISH Act

Suicide is a selfish act. No reason is valid enough to justify such action. Just this morning, my grandma told us that a lady neighbor died, actually killed herself. It was told that she took in a silver cleaner solution. She was in comatose for several minutes in the hospital but later died. It was an awful news. We were happily eating that time. After hearing it, I lost my appetite.

Suicide is a decision. It is a personal choice. A part of me is telling me that our neighbor chose to take away her life and that we can't do anything about it. It was her decision to die. Reviving her would mean violating her right to self-decision. Then, I asked myself, why should they try to save her if at the first place, she's the one who wanted to cease her own life? But at a second thought, I realized that we are also responsible of others. It is also our duty to protect others' life. She may have decided to quit her existence but it doesn't mean that we have to tolerate it and just let it happen.

I am not happy on what happened to her. I was teary when I heard the news. She actually always come to our house. I can still remember everyday she's talking to my mama. My mama is sad. I can really see it in her eyes. She lost a friend. I don't know if I will have a final look in her wake. I just want to remember her as someone who is happy and bubbly. I can't really imagine she did it. She did it because of jealousy. That disappoints me more.

She's gone now. She committed suicide. She was not thinking about what others may feel if she do it. But she still did. It was selfish. She only considered herself.

May she rest in peace.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Ateneo College Fiesta

Victory doesn't mean winning everything. We got enough. The CS Division worked hard to deserve what it reaped.

Ateneo College Fiesta is held annually. A bit more different now because the university celebrates its 60th founding year. Its theme is: Mother Mary, Our Model of Following Christ through Excellence and Service. Mother Mary is our patroness. The event is grand and so are the preparations of every division and the administration. As part of the GACP Executive Board and the working people of the division plus being an event player, made me really feel the pressure, stress and almost everything. It's ok. Everything went well.

The Division that once labeled as apathetic is now soaring high. I can say that. I am part of it. I saw the difference and evolution of the Computer Studies Division. It started during the orientation day then the Sports Fest and continued in the College Fiesta. The First Years are active: they almost fill the list of the cheerdancers. The Second Years are awesome and proved that they are part of the division: they designed the float, some led the cheerdance and really showed great participation. The Third Years, as consistent as ever, stayed active and really was leading the division. Of course, the CS Rep, Kring, is a third year student. Lastly, the Seniors are participating as well. They showed leadership. They really can lead and be friends with the lower years.

I am really grateful that the division has received several awards, although not so many compared to the bigger divisions, but a pride that we will always cherish. We won in several events: Table Tennis Male Singles- Gold, Table Tennis Male Doubles- Silver, Chess Female - Bronze, Chess Male-Gold, Jazz-Up Ur Jeans- Silver, Scrabble Female- Bronze, Scrabble Male- Gold, Picture Perfect - Silver, and Cheerdance - 3rd Runner-Up ( I may have forgotten to write all the awards we received). The awards are not really the sole things that make me truly happy but it is the unity and friendship that is established among CS students.

May the friendship founded last and that the Computer Studies Division continues to soar high like a ThunderBird. :)

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Friday, August 1, 2008

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