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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advices and Options

Personally, I want people to let me decide for myself, means, I don't seek for the "advice" but let them make me realize on things through helping me weigh on things. A friend told me that when they do counseling, they don't necessarily provide advices to the person. He said, an advice is like commanding the person to do that because that is the right thing to do. So instead, they give options. They provide scenes of consequences if you do that, if you don't do that and that sort. I think that way is more helpful because you have no one to blame if your decision fails and you have yourself to congratulate if you made it right. I really believe on Socrates as he said that true insight comes from within. So, I suggest, you make decisions on your own but seek help on how to do these things. I do that. I consider the ideas of others but I made the final decision. And as an adviser, I don't tell my friends to do things because that make things better but instead I tell them what can be the possibilities and just let them realize on their own.
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