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Monday, May 11, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter

I am now an official Twitter user. You can click here to visit my profile page and may decide to follow me. :) I use Tweetdeck to see the updates of my friends in Twitter and Facebook. I can also now see what's happening to the artists and significant people I am following. It is a good one. Very easy to use. I can simultaneously update my Twitter and Facebook status. See? Try it yourself now. ;)

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a Lonely Day After All

I was tying my shoelaces in the jeep. After it I saw no one in there but me and realized I was alone. This is a day that I want some company but no one was there. I can’t seem to find any friend to make me feel that I am not alone. I was expecting some people but they’re nowhere to be found. This is one of those days that I become melodramatic. That I feel that close friends are getting far from me. That I am not needed and wanted anymore. That I am no longer special.

I was self-talking to accompany myself. I was looking for something to entertain me. I was alone and I want to cheer myself up. Before the jeep traveled any farther I realized that today is Monday and I should be visiting my grandpa. I stopped near the flyover and rode a jeep heading to Cabantian. No one was there but me. I talked to my grandpa while cleaning his gravestone. I was really in need of company. My uncle came and so did the rest of the family just a couple of minutes after. I realized then that I am never alone. I have my family and relatives. Most especially, God never fails to make me feel accompanied.

And sometimes there will be people who will drop by, unexpectedly appreciate your hair and make you feel less lonely. :)

I thank God that this is not a lonely day after all.
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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Toughest Competition

This season is one of the best seasons in American Idol, many people would say. I can't agree more. The competition proper started with thirteen (13) instead of twelve(12) idols. There is no doubt that the casts exceeded. All of them are really great.

Last night and the other night, I watched American Idol in and in Star World at night. The performance night was a stellar night. Everybody was giving their best. Even I had the hard time to choose whom I want to go home after the voting (I can't vote actually because I reside here in Philippines.). So the elimination night began. Natalie Cole performed and so did Tyler. I loved the number of Jamie Fox. He really is a WONDERFUL performer.

Before the performances of the stars, Danny and Allison were saved leaving Adam, Kris and Matt in the bottom three. It was, in a way, shocking. I was not expecting for Allison to be in the top 2, knowing that she has been in the bottom three for how many times. I was grateful the two were saved. I loved them. Kris Allen was saved next. It was between Adam and Matt. I was again shocked. I couldn't believe that Adam will be in the bottom two. He was saved and Matt was eliminated. I was expecting that. It was hard. The competition is very stiff. Everybody really has the chance of becoming the next American Idol. Next week is Disco Week. I can't wait.

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