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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not a Lonely Day After All

I was tying my shoelaces in the jeep. After it I saw no one in there but me and realized I was alone. This is a day that I want some company but no one was there. I can’t seem to find any friend to make me feel that I am not alone. I was expecting some people but they’re nowhere to be found. This is one of those days that I become melodramatic. That I feel that close friends are getting far from me. That I am not needed and wanted anymore. That I am no longer special.

I was self-talking to accompany myself. I was looking for something to entertain me. I was alone and I want to cheer myself up. Before the jeep traveled any farther I realized that today is Monday and I should be visiting my grandpa. I stopped near the flyover and rode a jeep heading to Cabantian. No one was there but me. I talked to my grandpa while cleaning his gravestone. I was really in need of company. My uncle came and so did the rest of the family just a couple of minutes after. I realized then that I am never alone. I have my family and relatives. Most especially, God never fails to make me feel accompanied.

And sometimes there will be people who will drop by, unexpectedly appreciate your hair and make you feel less lonely. :)

I thank God that this is not a lonely day after all.
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