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Friday, August 1, 2008

Drive Real Traffic to Your Site

as I understand this term, means visitors to your site. So when you say drive traffic, it simply means you drive visitors to your site. Why is this important? For me, it is important because we want our posts to be read. We don't intent our site to be hidden from the reader. At the first place, we write blog posts because we want them to be broadcast to all. Another thing, if you use your site to generate income like through sponsored posts, having good number of visitors would make you have an edge to get some opportunities to the advertisers. The logic is, advertisers want to promote their products/services, so the more visitors you drive daily, the more the products/services are exposed and more likely to be purchased. Thus, advertisers would choose you to blog for them. Not only traffic would be of help in making money. It is also useful to get a page rank from Google. So why Google? Google now is the leading search engine. If you get a page rank, it means you are more visible to the search engine. I think it boosts the morale of every blogger. Having a page rank is tantamount of labeling you as a blogger with rightful authority. And most of all, driving more visitors means more chances of knowing other people and gaining friends. You can try these sites to drive traffic to your blog.

1. LinkReferral
2. EasyHits4U
3. TrafficSwarm
4. TrafficBurst
5. TrafficEra
6. TrafficPods
7. TrafficG

Earn Money and Friends @

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Julie said...

Great information about how to get traffic to your site. You should also check out Social Poster. it takes time to sign up to the list of sites first time round but it will bring some traffic and it will help to improve page rank.

Also check out your Alexa rating - I find it's useful for setting goals.

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the listing of the sites that can help us to build the traffic. I would like to add one more - that is ... our word of mouth. I think that's the most beneficial and powerful tool, isn't it?

bebekoh said...

hey! nice blog... hope to see you and accept me as a friend in mylot. BTW, why not join me in another paid-to-post site... its in my blog! thanks for the info.

Blogger said...

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