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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Morning with My Beautiful Chinese Friend

Yesterday, I sent a text message to my friend asking her if she would do her daily jogging today. She replied yes and we decided to do it this morning. That night, I was really into emotional roller coaster. But also that night, I learned what's wrong. Thanks to my bestfriend Jonathan who helped me understand and realize what's happening in me. I had to sleep early yet I couldn't because I had to do thesis docs. So I slept at almost 2AM. I had a sound sleep that I almost forgot that I had a jogging session with Kimmy. Good thing she called because if she didn't I'd wake up at 8AM. Hahah. So I readied myself and waited for her at the lobby of Royal Mandaya Hotel (I was in a stay-in seminar). She fetched me using their Red Adventure. I loved the experience. It thrilled me. Being able to experience someone to fetch me infront of a hotel made me really happy. It was my first. Forever I'll remember it. We went to Ladislawa Garden Village. It was my first time to really get in the village and toured somehow. Another first. I had fun chatting with Kimmy while jogging, walking, and looking at the houses. It's inspiring to see beautiful houses. It has given me a probable architectural design for my own house someday. Helped me realize what I like and don't like in a house. All in all I had so much fun roving around Ladislawa and seeing new people doing the same thing early morning. Of course, the jogging was so much fun because of our chat, Kim and I. After Ladislawa we went to McDo to have our breakfast. There we continued our chat and got a bit more serious. We talked about traveling, friendship, self-control, the PAUSE principle, future plans, married life, etc. I had a good time with my beautiful friend. After McDo she brought me back to the hotel. So many first times that happened today. First time jogging with my beautiful Chinese friend, Kimmy. A wonderful morning I'll forever treasure. Thanks, Kimmy. :)

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Kimberly Dawn said...

I also had fun jogging, chatting and planning out my future home(s) with you lloydie :) I won't forget the experience too. Thanks for the talk! :) I just love it, on how I can be so open with you.. i love you my dear friend :)

Anonymous said...

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