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Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, or should I say, yesterday, October 9, 2009 was the due for the payment of Kalasag subscription. Kalasag is the official yearbook of Ateneo de Davao University-College. This blog is I know late to campaign to pay. But I just want to still put an entry about it because I really love their concept-- yoUPay. By the way, this is my first entry after long months of hibernation. So, I'm back to the online world. I'd try my best to keep people updated of my daily or weekly activities. That is if there are people following me or reading my blog entries. Anyway, yoUPay is derived from the Disney Pixar movie UP. I really love the movie so I'm loving their campaign, too. I recommend this film. If you have not watched it, try buying original DVDs. If you can't afford, you may get it from torrent sites. I just want to share photos that I took from my phone. The first one is the campaign stilt of the Kalasag and the other one is the red balloon that I have in our closet room, which is still breathing. I mean, has not yet really deflated. It still has shape but with wrinkles and signs of aging. Hahah. I really love balloons. I really keep them if I get the chance to bring them home, the more reason if they are given to me by people I love. Well, because I love the campaign of Kalasag I paid earlier but it won't discount the fact that I returned my Graduate Profile Form very late. This would be all for now. More entries in the next days.
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kring said...

YES! kalasag's concept was really nice! and THE MOVIE UP is truly wonderful and heart warming.
Well, i'll be following you. I've read some of your previous posts! You're a great writer my friend. You're also inspiring me to write as well :) i'll be waiting for your next posts then! WELCOME BACK! :p