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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

On Death Scenes

Yesterday night I saw a death scene in a TV program. As usual I was moved to tears. But because of having a class now in Philosophy, I asked myself why I cry when I see death scenes. There were several answers that popped into my mind. Not being defensive or anything, but I think I cried for reasons that are totally acceptable and not just because I am a cry-baby. I realized that I cried because I pity the person (not the dead). For me, there is no more painful event that could ever happen than a death of a loved one. And that leads me to my next point. I cry because I am so afraid that I would be on a death scene someday. Inevitable it is, but if it I can lengthen the life of a loved one, I would surely do it. Or better die first than see them lying peacefully in a coffin. I don't hate death, and not even trying to escape from it. I just want a longer life for my family, friends and loved ones. I don't want to experience death of a loved one at this young age. I want to spend a longer time with them and do things that I could treasure forever even after death. Funny it may sound but I close my eyes whenever I pass by a funeral home; I don't want to see the coffins, the flowers, the lights and the sad people. Death is a part of life. No one even me can't escape from it. I accept that. I really do. Just don't want it now. Not yet.
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Jenny said...

I was moved by this and your sensitivity. It also got me wondering why I don't cry; I've always been intrigued by death.