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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Water is Life. Water takes Lives.

What gives life can get away lives. We have been blessed to use water to sustain life. This natural source gives nourishment for us to survive. It is the source of food; used for cleaning, for sanitation, for agriculture, etc etc. But the respect it deserves, we did not give. Water is avenging for what we have done. Despite of its generosity, we never gave back it deserves. We throw garbage. Oil spills. Dynamite and cyanide fishing. Coral reef destruction. And so many activities that contribute to the destruction of the waters. We can't blame the water if it take away lives. We deserve its wrath. And we need to restore what we destroyed to prevent its wrath from coming back. We can't afford another tsunami, or a great flood or worst, water would take over the land and eat us all alive. I can't picture that event to happen. I don't want that that time would come. Not now. Not ever.
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the donG said...

We can't blame the water if it take away lives. We deserve its wrath.>>> i simply agree on this.

sometimes, for us to really learn a lesson, we have to suffer its consequence.