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Saturday, June 7, 2008

U1 some?

June 2, 2008--My second time AFYOP experience started. I was enthusiastic. I was so excited to handle an engineering class. Although there was a little fear in me that maybe the class would be too noisy to manage, still, I stayed excited. My 1st class, U1, was at first a silent class but after the activities conducted, there was an improvement. The class became fun! I talked to some. I have people that I kept on approaching to make them feel at home. And most of all I had a very wonderful partner, Donella. I can say we have a good tandem, a pair to beat. LOL. I think the class enjoyed the orientation. I was so happy and still am happy because I had U1 as my class. The class is composed of 5 girls and the rest are boys; some are silent, and the others are just so hyper but everybody participated well. And it made us proud as facilitators. I will never forget the class, although I may not remember all their names, their faces but the experience I had with them will forever be remembered and treasured. After the two-day orientation, I know I have additional friends. So U1 some? Come get some. :)

More pics here.

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