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Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreams do come TRUE!

A year ago I was really dreaming to be the student with the highest WPA.
I even wrote a note in my closet, and it is still posted there. The note says "Highest WPA". Every morning I read it and it motivates me to do good and reach that big dream. After the first semester, I received my grades and found out that I was qualified in the first honors list. That time I was excited because I thought I got the highest WPA. However, when I asked my friend Mike what was his WPA, I knew that I can't be what I dream anymore. He has a WPA higher than mine. After that, I did not long for the position anymore. Although I dream to have it still but craving no more. Just this day, I realized more that God is faithful and answers prayers. I realized MORE that HIS ways are different from my ways. During the CS Orientation Day, surprisingly, I was called infront to receive an award from ARETE (Ateneans Reaching Towards Excellence). And guess what, I was awarded as the student with the HIGHEST WPA for the 1st and 2nd semester in the Computer Studies divison. I was shocked but happy. I realized that my prayer, my dream was faithfully answered by God. I am very happy. God failed me not. And I know he never will. Prayers are very powerful. They may not come instantly. Theymay not seem to be what we think. But they happen. They DO COME TRUE!

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