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Saturday, June 21, 2008

True Wisdom by Fr. Moga

The search for wisdom has been part of the human life. History would show us how the wise men gave reasons on the every circumstance, phenomenon etc etc. But what really is true wisdom? True wisdom is not merely a matter of a high mental capacity. It is neither a mere factual knowledge nor a knowledge which is connected with a particular human skill. Wisdom is more than these. Fr. Michael D. Morga SJ presents us with ten various descriptions of wisdom.

1. Wisdom as sensitivity for mystery.
2. Wisdom as the Knowledge of the Ultimate Reasons or Causes.
3. Wisdom as the Sense of the Overall Goal of Human Life.
4. Wisdom as Sensitivity for Human Life.
5. Wisdom as a Broad View of Things.
6. Wisdom as Good Judgment.
7. Wisdom as a Living in terms of the Religious Dimensions of Life.
8. Wisdom as Knowing How to be Happy.
9. Wisdom as a Living in terms of What is Truly Important.
10. Wisdom as Living in Tune with a Greater Reality.

Wisdom itself refuses to be defined, thus, people can only give descriptions to what wisdom is all about. Defining wisdom is like constraining it, putting limits and boundaries. However, wisdom is an open system, you can describe it the way you see it but still be based on logical reasoning.
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