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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robi is my BIG WINNER!

I don't know what happened but it turned out that Ejay bested Robi. He took the title as the PBB Teen Big Winner. I was expecting Robi to be the big winner because he really is a model in the house of Big Brother. He showed what it should be like a teenager. He embodies the characteristics of a good filipino teenager. But I am not saying that Ejay is not a good teen. It just that, Robi is a better teen. I was so disappointed when Robi's name was called for the SECOND TEEN PLACER. He should be the BIG WINNER. Well, I can't undo what happened. Maybe, Ejay won because he really needs it more than Robi. Still, I am happy for Ejay. I hope his family would be united and that they could start a better life. And to Robi, I think people love him more. To PBB staff, the show was so great.

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