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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CISCO Certification: Best for IT Specialists

I am an IT student in a good university in the Philippines. Being in third year now, I am taking up a Computer Networks course which is basing on CISCO standards. At first, I was puzzled what really CISCO is all about until our class instructor told us so. He said that Cisco certification can be of big help to us especially as we compete outside for job opportunities. The certification can give us an edge to other applicants and that make CISCO more appealing to every student in the class. Right now, we are using a CISCO module which is a very detailed module about networking. We use the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Module. It may be very long and intricate; however, it is very handy and reader-friendly. I can easily learn from their modules.

CISCO has three levels of certification: Associate, Professional and Expert with six various tracks like Routing and Switching, Network Security, Service Provider, Design, Storage Networking and Voice. These are available paths so as to match the certification path to the person’s job role or industry. Another thing, one can get a specialist certification in the technologies such as security, IP Telephony, and wireless.

Furthermore, I see some great stories from CISCO certified IT specialists on the internet and to other people whom I have known before. Personally, I would really choose to have a Cisco certification not only because it gives me an edge to anybody else but also because it gives me more work opportunity and credibility as to the employers. I know someday even as a starter to any work, with the help of a CISCO certification I can be regarded by the companies as someone who is skilled and worthy of their pay. If I reach the right age and the right time, I surely will take a Cisco Career Certification.

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