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Thursday, July 31, 2008

To tell a True Love Story

If I am fated to just listen about love matters, then so be it. It is a sad reality that my friends are talking about crushes, suitors, boy-girl relationships, and I am just there to listen. That's true. I really have no great love story to tell. I am always the listener and not the teller of a good love story. It is not really OK to me. I also want someone to love me. But I am not really longing for a romantic love. I just want a filial love. Just someone to be with me for the rest of my days on earth. I also want that someday I can tell a wonderful story that can inspire people. To change the face of love. To let people realize that love is not all about hugging, kissing, sex but it is more of keeping each other and being together whatever happens. This is how I see true love and I want to experience this love. This may still be an imperfect human love but who am I to look for perfection? Only God can give that. No human does. I still believe that we mold our destiny; that we have choices. I am starting to hold on to the dream that someday I will be with someone. If it takes me to fight destiny, I'll do so. That dream, I know, is worth fighting for. It is not selfish to long for love. It is never a crime. But it will always have limits. I want true love and I want it for good.

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