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Sunday, April 13, 2008

And I'm Up to the SKY...

Later today I'll be leaving Davao City, my dearest hometown, for a week. It is not quite a long time but surely I'll be missing this place, the people, my friends, my family, my home. There is a mixture of excitement and anxiety running through my system. It was a good thing sharing this to my good friends. They made me feel better. I feel excited because this will be my FIRST TIME to ride a plane and go to places in the island of Luzon. All my things are packed now and there is no more turning back. The places to visit are set, the hotels to stay in are reserved. My plane ticket is ready and my journey to Manila is about to unfold. The things to expect are out of my mind. I just want to enjoy and at the same time learn things. Basically, this is what the trip suggests--Educational Tour, to educate oneself through place visitation and exploration. However, I need to compromise a week of classes in Humanities1 and IT310B. Thankfully, both teachers agreed to excuse me in their classes. Sometime soon I'll be updating this blog and put some photos of my trip. I can't wait to experience the fun. It really is SUMMER TIME. :)

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Kristine said...

i know you really had a great experience in manila..and im so happy fOR yoU!!! i know you're coping up with your studies...GO for it!! you can do it friend!!