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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Self-Treat and The STARS

After forcing myself not to cry (my favorite anime show Digimon Aventure has just ended), I urgently packed my things and went directly to DSWD. When I got there, I claimed my allowance for the educational tour courtesy of Congressman Garcia. I went to AdDu, attended my Hum1 class and after it followed my colleagues in Iron Horse to eat and listen to the orientation of the travel agency representative. It was 1:40pm when i came back to school making me almost an hour late. Thankfully, our instructor was considerate. The class was dismissed early so I went to Reyes Haircutters to have my hair fixed. :) I had a hair relax, hair spa and hair trim. After it. I went to EyeCrafter in the mall to buy new contacts. I spent almost 1,500. Then, I came back to school. We, Kring, Pael, Ate Sei and I, decided to eat our supper in brunchner. I paid for pael as I promised, in return of the borrowed jacket. I had a nice day. We had a SCB meeting that ended at past 11pm.

The STARS are so relaxing. They are everywhere in the sky. They are so far away but still giving happiness to my life. They remind me of how I have shone today. No moon at all this night, maybe because it is kept at Kring's heart.

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Kristine said...

yep! :P
i definitely agree, that HE'S (the moon) in my heart..(hehe) and i dOnt know how long will it stay.. (char!)
ThIS day has been a great day for me too..
it's a DREAM come TRUE.. well, thanks informing about HIM being there (you know what i mean)..
NICE BLOG!!!! and just like the stars..keeP on shining friend!

violetboy said...

thank u.. ill just keep on updating this blog para naman malaman ng mga tao how i do.. heheh