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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wanted: Associate Software Engineer

The world now is at its peak. Technology arises as fast as the second-hand of the clock ticks. There is no doubt that many are on the run in the hopes of becoming an Computer Expert. Many a job is in store for every student who specializes on computers. With a right education plus skills and experiences, surely, you're in the priority list of every company. Just recently, many of the higher years in my division, Computer Studies, graduated. Now, they have their jobs now in the companies they have applied. However, one job has struck me because many have landed on this job. Not to mention, a good friend of mine is working for a company with this job description. Associate Software Engineer is the position I am referring to. With its prefix associate, its basic function is to asisst in the development and maintenance of software programs applied to technical, scientific or engineering problems within the STScI domain.This assistance may include actual code development, documentation preparation, web development, unit testing, and software debugging.

Minimum Qualifications:
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

* Introductory level of understanding in the area of software development techniques and practices.
* Basic knowledge of a high level language. (e.g. FORTRAN, C, C++, or Java)
* Basic knowledge in at least 2 of the following areas:
· Astronomy/Physics or Mathematics
· Compiler design
· Operating and network system design
· Distributed processing/computing
· Client/server protocols
· OO development methodologies
· Scripting languages
· Configuration Management
· Algorithm design
· Relational/OO database technology
· Data structure selection
· Software Testing Methodo logies
· Artificial Intelligence
· Graphical User Interfaces
· Web application development
*Basic level of proficiency in a computer operating system such as NT, Unix, or VMS.
*Basic knowledge of software support products such as text editors, debuggers, or e mail.
*Good verbal and written communication skills.
* Ability to establish and maintain effective professional working relationships

I have known companies who offer this kind of job. To name a few are: Accenture, HP and other IT companies which basically are found here in the Philippines. Most companies based in the Philippines give a starting salary of P16,000 which would increase in its regular rate after the six-month evaluation.

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