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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Would you BUY this ONE?

I was astounded when i browsed the net and found out that there are really people selling concert tickets, movie passes, and even round trip tickets in some places in this world. Will really online buyers consider these products? Still, I don't think that these kinds will sell. Maybe some would grab it--if really VERY NECESSARY I suppose. I am not against those selling tickets, passes and the like. However, I see no BIG POINT of why they are selling these products which expire in a certain point in time. Like if you sell a concert ticket which will be held on a specific day, you better sell the tickets fast before the event starts or else the tickets are void. Not really a good business. And people would not be very interested on buying these stuff because people can't really assure the validity of the product except if they meet face-to-face which can be very costly and impractical. If I am to be asked what would be the online products that are not very salable, I say THE TICKETS AND PASSES. WOULD YOU BUY THIS ONE?

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