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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Innocent Mind was MANIPULATED

It was a boring day. Less boring than the previous days.
I decided to walk around San Pedro St. Because i had nothing to do, I looked for anything and everything that could entertain me. Suddenly, i stopped. I saw this chess board and was challenged to solve the puzzle. In the end, i did not solve the puzzle and lost P500. I was a big loser. But i was not bitter. I learned from it. It was a fun experience. Kudos to those people who manipulated my mind. They had a great job persuading me to bet on it. I guess i have to learn to have my own conviction and not let anyone manipulate me . I am happy i only lost a little. And next time someone tries to do it again, I know already what to do. The chess board,the puzzle, those people, the 500... I will never forget that day ever.

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