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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reminiscing my Good Friday experience

Image078 Another holy week passed. It was not just long ago. During the 1st few days of the week, i really didn't feel the aroma of the celebration. The air was not as solemn as before. The people were not as keen in observing this holy event. I was one of them. But before the week ended, I decided to get myself into a deep reflection and recollection. I went to Shrine Hills and did my own way of the Way of the Cross. It was 2pm and the sun was giving its best shot to extract sweat from my body. I had to walk and stop in every station and had to pause for awhile to say a short prayer, reflect and continued walking. I reached the last station not later than 2:30pm. I really walked fast I guess. As I was about to enter the gates of the Shrine, I noticed the crowd. The place was really full of people. And I almost thought that there was a fiesta that day. I was a bit disappointed because people were like just having a picnic there, the kids were running and playing, some were playing cards and others were taking advantage of the event by selling stuffs not-related to semana santa. I went there to experience and feel the essence of the celebration but I lost heart when I saw what they were doing. Thankfully, I saw a solemn place there where I did my rest and talk with God. I did so much of confessions and reflections. I remembered saying sorry to God because I had taken a bath and cut my toenails. These were prohibited practices as dictated by tradition and culture. Anyway, I am not a very superstitious person and I don't follow such practices if I think that there really is/are no concrete bases for these.

After the talk on seven last words, I decided to go on to my next stop---GSISImage092 heights, Kuya Allen's place. It was 3pm when I sent a text message to him that I was on my way to GSIS heights. Much to my surprise, he replied that we'll just meet the coming week. I panicked for a moment and tried to reply to his message. And after 5-10 minutes, he gave me his address. Thank God. God answered my prayer. Matina is too far from Panacan and it was an opportunity I must grab. Shrine and GSIS are just neighbors. So I went to their place. And i was fighting away my shyness. I didnt want to feel awkward or make the two of us be shy with each other. Hahah. So i did my job and gave back his necktie, his expensive necktie. We talked for awhile and an ice cream vendor came and I bought 1 drumstick and the rain started to shower his drops. A minute after, it stopped and Kuya Allen brought out Mishi, the pug. When I tried to go near, Kuya Allen tried to command the dog to attack me. WhaaaT?!! I backed off. I really WAS terrified of dogs. WAS. Mishi made me changed that. She was a nice and hyperactive dog. I had a good time calling her name, playing with her and feeling the licks of her tongue. Hahahah. So we had more talks. It was a good and great conversation. The 1st personal conversation with my mentor. We had talks before but it was all about GACP stuffs. Hahahah. It's nice to have a talk with a person who really has WISDOM but at the same time HUMOR.

My Good Friday was really GOOD. Shrine + GSIS = Good Friday. I don't know why I came up with such equation. Hahahah. It was an experience my curious mind needed. :) That is why I'm looking forward for the next conversation, and because he's flying to somewhere outside Davao, I guess that dream would be delayed.

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