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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Journey Begins

The sun was still at its rest when we arrived at the Davao International Airport. My mama, and two other siblings, Amor and Pritz, accompanied me in the airport. It was a bit funny because I brought lots of clothes. It was like I'll be away from home for two or three weeks. The feeling was all new. That was my first time to get inside an airport and be detected with their machine. Everything was so new. I savored the moment when I was about to enter the plane. But I did not look like an ignorant. Hahah. I was supposed to seat near the window. My seat number was 28F. However, a colleague did not leave the seat despite the information given by the stewardess that I own that seat. I conceded. I gave her my seat. I was a bit disappointed and regretful but what can i do, she badly wants it than I do. When we reached the air, I can only see the low-floating clouds and up there were the cirrus clouds. A wish came true at that moment--to ride a plane and fly. :) In a way I did fly. The flight was at 7.20am and thankfully it was not delayed. During the flight I bought a plane keychain for remembrance. A bit later, a very scary and funny thing happened. One of my phones alarmed. Hahah. I turned off all my phones but I realized later that one phone was scheduled to alarm at 8am. My phone alarms even it is turned off. Hahah. So it alarmed. Some people were looking in my direction. I did not pick up those looks immediately but later I realized that the sound was coming from my handbag. Hurriedly, I removed the battery with the fear that it may alarm again. Nothing bad happened. I had a nap. I did not eat anything even I was offered food. We reached NAIA at almost 10am and we were fetched by the tour guides. Then we directed to Baguio. And the story continues.

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