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Sunday, April 20, 2008

As We Traveled to Baguio

Manila was a new place to me. It was not that amusing, but still my eyes enjoyed looking at the unfamiliar places and sceneries. We were fetched by a coaster and met the people that will guide us for the rest of the week--Kuya Macky, Kuya Mac-mac, Sir Ed and our driver, Kuya Morris (not sure of the name). The first place that I have taken picture during the travel was the baywalk. It was not the baywalk it used to be after the assumption of Mayor Lim. It has no more stores and booths and night parties as explained by the tourist guide. The travel was smooth, it was not that fast. I saw the beauty of the buildings but also witnessed the city's dirtiness. I even told myself, Davao is far better than this place. We eventually reached the NLEX tollgate. It is a private road, thus, we paid for about 500php. We stopped for awhile in Marilao to have our quick lunch in Jollibee. And we continued the long ride to Baguio. We passed by Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Pangasinan and eventually we reached Benguet. We took Kennon Road. The temperature started to drop. And we paid again for another toll fee. Going to Baguio really is expensive; from the gas to the toll fees. Wheew! Lucky me, it was all free. There were stop overs for urination . Baguio has lots of trees. But not too many than before. The province of Benguet doesn't only have the Banaue Rice Terraces, now, it also have its Baguio House Terraces. It was scary to look at those houses placed that way. In case of calamaties like landslide, houses will surely be eroded and lives of the residents would be really at risk. I pray it won't happen. Relocation is very impractical nowadays and the population there is growing and growing per year. And the travel continued until we reached the inn. The long ride made me tired and sleepy. The place really is cold and I didn't even tried perspiring. The climate was so new to me. The place is good. It is just a small place. We unpacked our things and settled there for 3days. My Baguio experience is to be told later. :)

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