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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Angel and Demon Coke Commercial

I am not very fanatic of commercials and some fancy advertisements. But this one really caught my attention. Aside from its alluring background music (praises to the artists who sang and wrote the song--Project 1; personally i really like it), it has an appealing visual effects. I like the concept. The use of an angel coming down from heaven just to search for that one beverage, which is coke, is kind of new and controversial. Anyway, it's not only the angel that went to earth, the demon too. Too bad for him, he did not totally get rid of his horns. Basing on the creativity and imagination of the director of the commercial, i will give him an applause. The product became a must-drink that even supernaturals want to taste it. Good job. However, the downside of it, it is too out-of-this world. And I must say, it is not good for an angel to trade her wings and immortality for a piece of coke. LOL. Hope the religious church people won't protest for this.

The commercial is catchy and creative. It is not an ordinary ad you can see every night.

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caryn said...

that's one cool commercial!