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Friday, May 9, 2008

Shy and Gerald Anderson--Lovers Before

PBB has a new "thing" to spice up its show. Just last Sunday, the show presented the "HOUSEPLAYER NG BAYAN". She is known in TV as Shy (not her real name). She has to do what the people would ask her through voting. Now, she has won two tasks making her P20,000 richer. Her entry was so controversial that she made the girl housemates fight and the other boy housemates to get mad and be suspicious. But what makes her MORE CONTROVERSIAL was her past. Gerald Anderson, PBB Teen 3rd Big Place in the first edition, was her ex-boyfriend. Or are they really not together anymore? I have never heard this news before. Can this affect the KIMERALD tandem? Because after PBB, Shy would definitely be part of the showbiz industry. Hmmm. Why do the show keep on hiding the face of Shy? To conceal her identity? Nah. As people become curious they research more of you. Now, her past is dug.

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