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Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Smelly Front of Gaisano Mall

"The smell is their way to get rid of the bad lucks." Taking it constructively, I am making myself believe that the smelly front of Gaisano mall is their charm. LOL. Most of the times if not always, I get the chance to be stranded in Gaisano mall jeepney stop. Usually, the jeepney going to Panacan stop in front of the mall and wait for passengers to fill in the vacant seats. I understand them but that also made me suffer for a while. The place really sucks. It is so stinky. And this smell problem has been for years already. The management has not done something to remedy this. Is not this their responsibility? They are making the customers smell that stinky road. I am never used to that smell. My friends and I usually joke around whenever we encounter that smell. We complain, who wouldn't? We thought of reporting it in citizen patrol. LOL. I guess it is their marketing strategy to make the people not forget their place. Or it is just a feng shui practice to lure good vibes. But still, what is stinky is STINKY!

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