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Friday, May 9, 2008

May 12: National Transport Stike

TRANSPORT STRIKE. Steve Ranjo, national president of the leftist transport group Piston, announces the details of the nationwide transport strike they are staging on Monday, May 12, to protest the continued increase of oil prices, which it blames on government policies.

I don't blame this people. They have to voice out their sentiment. They have to fight for their right. They seek for justice. They need to start now. Or forever keep their silence. The news about oil price hike is no longer a NEWS. What's new anyway? It becomes a trend. It becomes normal. And it is NOT GOOD. As oil price goes higher, commodities do too. Now that the Philippines is experiencing a rice shortage, another is coming. What is left for the Filipinos? The poor families become poorer and poorer until they die of hunger, abandon their children or worse kill to survive. These crises make the people do evil. Although still no reason is valid enough to kill. The government must move. Move for the benefit of the people and not for theirs. They must not think of themselves more but the people who need MORE of their help. How will this happen? Their call for justice was decades ago. When will we truly get the justice we deserve from the government? Or will we really get it?

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