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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Victoria Plaza - No more into Old ADULT FILMS?

If we have same route everyday probably you would notice this too. Victoria Plaza is known to show old adult films mostly in cinema 6. Just yesterday, as the jeepney paused to fetch a passenger, I saw this (see picture in the left). I was a bit surprised because at last the store is no longer showing those sexy films. I thought it would be just for a day but just tonight, I saw no traces of adult film board placed on their now showing structure. I'm just wondering why there was a sudden change. Was this because truly the store has been purchased by the management of SM? Or simply because the adult films are no longer marketable? Either way, I am happy as a young man that the VP management opted not to exhibit the lustful pictures of adult films anymore. I hope it would stay that way. Not that I don't want them to air sexy films, however, they should not do it as often as everyday.

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