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Thursday, May 15, 2008


At first glance, I thought I would not like JSP. I imagined myself cursing those developers of this language asking them why they have done such a horrible deed. I really had a wrong impression with the Java Server Pages (JSP). But now, I am friends with it.

According to Wikipedia, JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a Java technology that allows software developers to dynamically generate HTML, XML or other types of documents in response to a Web client request. The technology allows Java code and certain pre-defined actions to be embedded into static content. More...

I have been into sleepless nights trying to figure out how this JSP really works. I have searched the web for samples and information. I was assigned to deal with the JSP codes when we had our midterm project in IT310B. That's why JSP and I became close friends. It was so hard for me to analyze the codes and make it work. I had also to integrate the codes to the pages created by my groupmate. I am happy I really had close contact with JSP. It was a fun experience to sleep very late at night just to make sure that one jsp file works. One good thing with JSP is that it made me extend my patience, explore its functions and of course give me the chance to develop and widen my knowledge on programming.

My friendship with JSP made me more competent.

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