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Sunday, May 25, 2008


I thought it was a promise, was it not? Or maybe it was just a sweet farewell words that I mistook as a promise? Either way, I am taking it as promise.I keep on telling myself that I should not expect anything from you. Why should I? I'm not even your special friend or some close relative.

I'm sad now because even how hard I try, even how many times I deny it,I can't hide that I AM EXPECTING. I can't fake my emotions to myself. The time I face the mirror is the moment I see what's inside me. Every time I lay my head on the pillow and try to rest, I can't dream because my imaginations are leading me to you. I only see those memories; it is as if I'm watching a movie and I keep on playing it again and again until the battery drains--the moment I sleep. Still, my mind is saying that I am not expecting. I really am not. Even my actions say otherwise.

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