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Friday, May 2, 2008

Madonna Decena: A Song for her Children

Without a doubt, Filipinos really got the talents. And we are bold enough to share these to the world. While waiting for my favorite TV show, a news caught my attention. It said there that a Filipina working in Britain is gaining fame in YouTube with her performance in a Reality Talent Show in UK called Britain's Got Talent 2008. I was curious of how was her performance; why were there so many who viewed her clip? And at this instance, I found the answer.
Madonna Decena is a mother of two who left her kids to their grandmother to look for fortune in Britain. She is 32 years old and working as a club singer. I watched the video of her audition. It was funny, memorable and TOUCHING. The audience as well as the judges felt that too. She sang the piece, I will always love you of Whitney Houston. It was not that original but she delivered it very well. The song was for her children. It was her intention for joining the show--more work, more work, more opportunity to help her save money for her children. This is not a new story for everybody but the fact remains that we were still touched by her story. Even British people were moved by her story. She received a three YES from the three judges. Simon Cowell gave her a NO, retracting it by saying, NO, he doesn't want to disappoint the people and ended it by saying YES with a wink. The audience gave her an applause and a standing ovation. She really deserved to be in. And as the judges said, she is brilliant and she will really go a long way. I agree with them. And I hope and pray that this show will help her meet her children and never to leave them again.

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