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Friday, May 30, 2008

Being TRUE is not Being BAD

I don't understand why people think that being true is being bad. It is not really very explicit but it is what implies whenever they say "I'm just being true to myself". What is really being true to oneself? Is it by bursting to tears and shouting out loud the anger within? Or perhaps by being mean to people and showing them what you've got? I say NO to all of these. These people who think tat being true is being mean criticize people who are doing well and good. They think that they are just pretending, hiding their true colors and so on. Can they never believe that what's true is what's good? We're born good, that's the truth. The next time you see a person unable to control his/her anger, don't say he/she is being true to himself/herself. It is not by this that we show our true selves.

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