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Sunday, May 25, 2008


When I started blogging, a friend introduced me to all sorts of get-paid-to-post sites and the like. I was so eager, knowing that I can use my IT course and writing ability to earn income. Because of the excitement, I hurriedly registered myself to those he mentioned, one of those sites is payperpost. But I got disappointed when my new blog was rejected. There were requirements that needed to be met in order to start earning. Unfortunately, at that time I failed to meet all of it. My blog was so new then. It was not a week old. Thankfully, payperpost has changed its rules or maybe I met their requirements. Not a month ago, another friend suggested me to sign in. He said his blog was approved by the site. As far as I know, our blogs are at the same age. So, I tried my luck again, full of hopes that this time my blog will be accepted by the site. After weeks of waiting, I received an email that my blog was approved. A dream came true. I really wanted to be a member of this site because from what I have heard is good for beginners. Also, this site really pays for real. I haven't met any friends yet except for those who recommended the site. I am excited to earn. And earn big with the help of this site. I am planning to use my first payout to treat my friends. As I promised.

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Anonymous said...

this is a very good site for earn money online
see my income proof

VJ Czar said...

Oi lloyd, congratz! However, as a concerned friend, I've got to tell you that joining in to PayPerPost will not only bring you benefits but also (unfortunately) disadvantages.

Did you know that last year, Google slammed PayPerPost through lowering the PageRanks of their members' blogs/websites? Yup! Google probably did that because they got threatened by PPP's ad techniques.

The result of that sad event was the evaporation of PPP members' profits and opportunities. Why? Because PageRank is one of the requisites to bid on PPP opps.

Up to know, Google and PPP still haven't settled their dispute. In fact, PPP created their version of PageRank to become independent from Google. However, most webmasters thought it's useless because Google has been the most dominant company on the net. They have the power to set standards.

So far, Google hasn't done its second strike. Who knows? They might do it soon or never do it again.

Taas na kaau aqng comment. Isearch n lng s Google ang ubng details.

That's all...God bless! :)

BTW, i'm also a member of PPP but inactive this time. I decided not to embed PPP widgets on my blog because these are believed to be detected by Google bots which cause PageRank loss.

emans said...

Good for you! I'm also waiting for my blog to be approved.

Is that really true? Hmmm... I have to think about putting PPP widgets in my blog. Got to research more about this. Thanks for the info.