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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Purple Debut

I came the earliest and went home the latest. May 10 was the date to celebrate the 18th birthday of Sunshine May Porras. She was born on the 7th of May 1990 and due to class schedules, it was more convenient to move her celebration on May 10, Saturday night. The celebration was almost not to happen because of some family misunderstandings but thank God it was pushed through. Her cousins were really persistent. I'm happy they were. The motif is purple but I wore white. She dressed in a violet gown and a tiara on her head. She looked lovely. She was truly SHINING that night. I was so simple then. I was the unofficial turned official video man. I brought my video cam with me. And i took the coverage of the celebration. I was part of the 18 pairs, 18 roses and 18 moments/bloopers. I did not give the best speech, it was so reserved of me. But I know she felt the sincerity of my message. Sometimes we say it best when we just let them feel than let them know through words. The food were great. The node people were so fun. Still, the best people to be with. Later that night I gave my gifts--the food (pizza ala king of Mrs. Lourdes Lee) and the keychain bought in Enchanted Kingdom.Almost everbody went home leaving me as the only visitor who would ride home. My companions were my friends and neighbors of shine. It was almost 1am when I arrived home. And did not sleep yet to make a video presentation for my mama. May 11 is Mothers' Day. I had a great night. And truly enjoyed it. I really missed her.

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