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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Origin of my Name

I am Lloyd G. Belleza. You will probably say that I have a really very short name. And unfortunately, I don’t have any second name which makes my name even shorter. But anyway, I love my name because this has a meaning to the ones who chose it – my parents.

I asked my parents on the origin of my name and they told me a story. Before I was born, my parents agreed that if they will be having a baby boy, my father would choose the name but if a baby girl, my mother will be the one to decide for the name. And the time came that I came out from my mother’s womb and found out that the baby was a boy. So, father got the chance to name me. He was thinking of what would be an appropriate name for me when he realized that my name should be starting with the letter “L”. It is because my father’s name starts with “L”, Leonidas D. Belleza Jr. He even attempted to name me after his name and be Leonidas G. Belleza III. But my mother disagreed. And I’m thankful she did. Because I really don’t like to be Leonidas, the name Lloyd is far better than being Leonidas. I can’t imagine bearing that name for the rest of my life. So, that’s it, he was searching a name from a book named Almanaci (I’m not sure of the spelling). When he was scanning, my father picked and chose the name Lloyd because as he said, it was the best among the names starting with letter L.

The story of how my name was formed was not very rare; I can say it is much of a typical story. But, I will always be thankful that I’m bearing a wonderful name even if it is just a five-letter word. Now, the challenge is how I will maintain the beauty of this name. And I came up to an apprehension that I should be making this short name a respected, looked-up name.

Lloyd is my name and I’m proud to have this name. Many persons may have this name but Lloyd Belleza is very unique.

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baby boy said...

My name is also short and I don't have any problem with it.